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What program would you make first?

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by LtRammstein, Feb 20, 2008.

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    A bunch of Apple fanbois and I always talk about if the SDK were to be released today, what would be the first program(s) you would make natively on it?

    I would first try and make these (in this order):

    • SSH Client
    • Pong
    • Remote (For the entire computer PC or Mac)

    What would be yours?
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    use my iPhone to take photos with my Macs iSight, and stream them over the interweb to my iphone anyware in the world!!
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    I've already got a list of 3 apps I will be working on asap, but I'm not sharing until I have something I can release :D
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    MacSaber! duh!
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    SSH Client.
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    If Apple doesn't add a way to play music as an alarm, I'll write an app to do that.
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    il be expect amazing things from you kainjow :D

    If you think of a little application to design, how can you check whether its names is unique, other than using version tracker, google etc ?
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    There's not a lot you can do. Googling is the best bet since that is what most people will do. I usually make up weird words or combinations of words, or pick something completely unrelated.
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    That is what I thought.

    Most of the good names are taken though :(
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    There are a lot of good names that are used for other operating systems, but not for the Mac/iPhone. I consider those available :)
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    I already have all those three applications running on my iPhone =P

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