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What Stats pages do you use?

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by Stelliform, Mar 21, 2003.

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    Here are the few I use.

    Stanford's of course, for the fastest updates to see if an of my computers dropped any units

    Stats Man to see percentages.

    MacNN's to check rates and where I stand to overtake or be overtaken....

    Any more?
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    You forget the places that do the work FOR YOU!
    I love getting stats from here.
    those stats are detailed... do the work for you are regulary updated they only need an image thing like stats man does.

    MacOsX teams competition stats

    Sure enough were on the list, near the bottom but we are moving up. :D

    Thats it from me.
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    Mr. Anderson

    I look at them all once in a while. It takes a long time to get the WUs done, the really interesting stat, most of the time, is the team stat, not my personal ones.

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    that is the type I was looking for! Now I know where Toast was getting his numbers for the LWD Paper.
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    There are tons out there, really insane.
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    As MrMacMan has been pointing out, there are large differences in the stats being reported....

    Which ones are correct?
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    It's probably true to say that none of them are essentially wrong, rather that they update at different intervals, making them appear to give different stats. By turn the all seem to offer higher numbers than the next stats page.

    At any given time, just take a mean average of the totals :)
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    They shouldn't be too far off, if you check at like 6AM/PM all of them update, techincally you *should* see little differences, maybe 100-200 point difference, not 1000+ differences, its weird, but strangely true.

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