What to do with my new PowerMac?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by meeks, Aug 27, 2008.

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    I just got a PowerMac G5 1.8 with 1GB Ram, 80GB Hard Drive and a 15" LCD Monitor for $250 off craigslist tonight. I think thats a very good deal. My original idea was to just eBay it and make a few extra bucks, but now I think I want to keep it and use it for something. But for what? I already have a new iMac. So I'm asking for some suggestions on what I could use this for. Thanks!
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    iTunes and file server ...
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    that was my initial thought but right now i have the airport extreme with a couple hd's connected which serves up my content pretty nicely. would the powermac as a server have more options than the router?
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    I don't think so, hmmm ...
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    Nice buy!
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    yes i agree, i practically stole it at that price. the 15" monitor sweetens the deal even more!

    also does this mac have gigabit ethernet?
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    huummm.........don't you remember the "Gigabit Ethernet" version of the G4 tower, released in July '02 :confused:..........

    every mac since then has had it built-in as standard equipment ohyeauhhuhhadtohavitforsureohyea :eek:
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    yes i just did a little googling and noticed that. thanks.
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    Offload it before the processor and/or motherboard fails.
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    Got a HDTV? I would use it as a media server like people use mac minis...... except on a much larger scale
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    If it hasn't failed by now, the chances are low that it will. Set it up for folding or SETI stuff. It will at least go to good use.
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    use it as a secondary computer, do u have others in the house or w.e u live in? let my parents use my eMac aslongg as i can put all my music on it which is on a external hdd
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    i was thinking about letting a sibling use it but they seem to be more prone to macbooks. and i can't blame them.
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    Do you pay for webhosting? You can turn it into a webserver for free and save yourself some money, provided you aren't getting millions of hits a month...
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    That is a very good deal, but for such a good machine it would be a waste to turn it into a server.

    You could use it to experiment with and explore Terminal and the inner workings of the Mac OS, or make it a dedicated machine for a certain purpose…Programming, Photography, Mini music studio etc.
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    You could leave it on and use it as a space heater.
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    True, but actually because of how good a machine it is, you could do both if you do the server in OSX. OSX's web sharing can run in the background and won't effect anything but the more high-end apps. :)
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    It's funny because it's true. I have to turn my processors to the low-end setting in the peak of summer to keep from dying of heat exhaustion...
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    Yeah true, good point. That's actually what I do locally haha, for some reason I was under the impression of you meaning a box hidden under the stairs. #laughs at my stupidity

    The OP could host his work to his friends.
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    Sounds like you've already been through all the options, sell it before it devalues more
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    that seems to be the option im leaning towards
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    Lord Zedd

    x2, sell it.
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    You an just use it as another machine. It's perfectly usable.
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    I'm going to say sell it, since you've got all the other practical options covered.
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    not to threadjack, but whats a good way to set up a G5 1.8 as a server?
    I have one as well that runs leopard pretty good with 2gb of memory and a 250GB harddrive, i have a MP that i have transferred all my apps and do all of my productivity from there and have just been using the G5 as an entertainment solution, but wanted to host a site or two from there, but dont have OSX Server....

    any good tips on getting that started? my sites generally get about 800 - 1200 hits a day i think it can work pretty decent.

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