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What will your next computer be and why?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by edesignuk, Aug 8, 2003.

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    Back when I bought my dual 1GHz QuickSilver it was top of the line, and cost me a small fortune! At the time I was torn between it, and the range topping PowerBook (667MHz, 100MHz BUS, 16MB Video, 30GB HDD…I think). The PB was around the same price I think as the Quicksilver, and in the end, as much as I wanted the PB I just couldn’t spend all that money knowing that I could have something MUCH faster in a desktop, and I didn’t really need portability.
    I have now had my QS for just over a year I think, and I love it. It can still handle anything you throw at it with ease (1GB RAM installed, 10.2.6, blah, blah), but there are times when I still long for that PowerBook.
    So, next time around (which sadly won’t be for a while yet, god knows I cannot afford a PB!), I think I will go with a PowerBook. Sure, they maybe not as powerful as their desktop counterparts, but I just really, really, really want one! Besides, I don’t really do much other than surf, e-mail, a bit of Photoshop here and there, so any PB would still exceed my needs.

    So how about you? What takes your fancy for your next computer?
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    Mr. Anderson

    I'm getting a G5, no question about it. However, I might delay my purchase until the G5s come with Panther installed, which might be Rev. B. It will cost a ton, but it will also be worth it.

    That and the dual 20" LCDs.....;)

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    Daveman Deluxe

    I'm not getting another computer for at lest two years. If the 12" PowerBook is still around in two years, I'll get that (I have a 12" iBook now), although I would consider the iBook if it's on a much better version of the G3 by then. When I'm out of college, I'm going to start buying desktops unless the church I work at won't buy me a Mac.
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    Ambrose Chapel

    i have a DVI TiBook and plan to hold onto it for another 2 years or so...by the time i am ready to upgrade i'll probably have my choice of G5+ PowerBooks or maybe a 20" iMac ;-)

    but for the near future i'll be happy with my Ti. i mean, i was using a 5400/200 until early 2001!
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    Me? I'm getting a PowerMac G5 with Panther (hopefully preinstalled), just like Mr. Anderson. I will be replacing a PowerBook G4 667 because I don't need portability; in fact, I keep it plugged in constantly and even shut it off when I want to move it (as if it were a desktop machine).
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    I probably won't be getting another Powermac for awhile, but when I do, it'll be a Dual G5 Powermac with at least to slots for optical drives.
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    I think my decision will depend on how fast Panther runs on my 12" pb. If it is all that it's cracked up to be, I will hold off on a new purchase - maybe until around the time a G5 is in a portable...
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    "Tezro is the perfect solution for designers, scientists, geophysicists, image analysts, digital multimedia producers, and others who demand fast, cutting-edge results."

    I bet that would work great for gaming -- Tetris, Solitare, you name it! :D

    (Me? I'm saving up for the 2x3.0Ghz since prevailing wisdom seems to be that it may be coming out as my current TiBook hits the 3- to 4-year-old window.)
  11. TEG
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    I love my TiBook, but I will not buy another one as my primary computer unless there becomes a way to upgrade either the Video Memory of the entire Video Chipset.

    I'm Saving for a PowerMac G5 Dual 2.75.

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    I would like to get the soon to be released G4 PB's, maybe either a 12" (with DVI hopefully, L3, FW800, USB2) or a 15" Combo with the more and the same features.

    However depending on how they came out on price and features i might well buy a G5 (Dual 2Ghz) since i only live 1 minute from college and for the price i could pay, i could buy a G5 instead.
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    I'd say a Powermac within three to four years depending on how my 12" Powerbook does. Although I'll probably be on a ship so maybe another powerbook.
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    Powerbook G5

    I'll be gettig a new 15" AlBook when it finally comes out. I'd love to get a G5, but a dorm room with 3 people is cramped enough without having a huge desktop system and 20" LCD monitor...I'd wait for a G5 PowerBook, but after over 4 years using my PowerBook G3, I am ready to step up to a more modern system asap.
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    hopefully a powermac G5 as a graduation present this coming spring. :D
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    Got a MDD Dual 867 about a year ago. Next time (prob'ly next month) it'll be an iBook - my Duo 280c has really reached the stage where it just doesn't cut it for the type of work I need to do on the move... A new PowerMac in 3-4 years maybe.
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    Looking for a Powerbook for school, DVI model and up, have one in mind but don't have the funds for it at the moment..

    Hope to get whatever high-end G5 tower comes out by next near or so, I'd like to get a computer that will last me a long while..
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    I bought my dual 1ghz QS in Feb 2002 when they were realeased and it will eat anything thrown at it as well (1.5 gig ram helps). Last month before back surgery I broke down and got a 12" PB after walking the 'when will they revise this line? tightrope". I simply needed a portable for my recovery and I bought it with no regrets. I'm sure when the new 1ghz+ 12" with DVI out is realeased I'll cus a little.

    My next computer will be a second rev G5. Theoretically if things go right, and with a bit of luck, by christmas time we might have a dual 2.5ghz pre-loaded with panther. The day they release this is the day I buy. With a 23" HD to run mirrored with my 17". My 17" will come in handy for palettes in my adobe apps.
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    I'm probably in a similar situation like you one year ago. I am considering to either get a G4 1.25 GHz w/ 17" EIZO TFT or the new 12" Powerbook as soon as it is released. I'm buying it mostly for producing music and doing programming (plan to do Windows programming in VPC also).

    Two reasons against the PB are screen size (probably can't afford the 15") and speed (hopefully the next 12" will have >= 1 GHz, maybe even with L3 cache?). But I'd love to have the portability, for the music, and also for doing work on the road.

    The one reason against the G4 would be non-portability. And of cause it is less cool than the PB :D

    What to do... *sigh*
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    Re: What will your next computer be and why?

    15'' powerbook. No doubt about it.
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    Dual G5.

    Ik makes me remember the thread "What's the Best Mac Ever?". Well, taking everything in retrospect, given the time, etc. I thought the B&W G3 was the best Mac. It had the best hardware/performance/price ratio, I think.
    But now: I definitely think the Dual G5 2 GHz is the best Mac ever. Absolutely best hardware/performance/price ratio now available. Along with Mac OS X (10.3), this is the best personal/desktop computer anyone could ever buy....

    Just get some cash... :rolleyes:
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    question fear

    well, i just got my ibook, so i think i am going to get a cheap cheap peecee for some games, and set it up as a dual-boot with some varietal of linux on a partition. (i am trying to be as geeky as possible with limited resources-so if any of you getting a shiny new g5 have a peecee you want to sell for cheap, pm me.)
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    you can build a gaming pc for like 500 dollars ;) just go look in ur local computer source magazine or local equivalent
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    Re: What will your next computer be and why?

    Yeah, I just faced that same dilema. Just got a FW800 DP G4. I was just going to break down and get a TiBook, but just couldn't bring myself to sacrifice the performance of the Power Mac. In addition to that, I didn't want a 10 month old PowerBook. I don't really need portability, but there are times I wish I could have the computer in bed with me, or to have it in the kitchen while I'm cooking. I'm fairly certain my next computer will be a PowerBook, but that won't be for awhile. At least they'll have G5's in them then :D.

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