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What's Your Browser?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Squilly, Jan 27, 2013.

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    What is your primary Internet browser? I use Chrome on my Windows-based computers and Safari on my Mac. Might switch over to Chrome for my Mac soon. So.... what do you use?
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    I use Chrome on all my Apple devices, it's nice.
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    I use Safari on my iPhone and Mac.
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    My primary browser is Chrome for OS X, Windows and iOS. I also use Firefox sometimes as well.
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    Just switched over to Chrome on Mac and iPhone.
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    Rodimus Prime

    Chrome for my mac, windows PC, work PC, my Galaxy Tab and my Galaxy Nexus.

    Pretty much chrome across the board.

    In terms of browsers on my computers it goes Chrome, FF ,IE if on windows, anything else, and then safari. as you can tell I think safari is crap.
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    Safari on iPad Mini. I haven't even touched my laptop since I bought it.
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    Safari on my Mac, Chrome on my iOS devices.
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    Safari on osx and iOS and chrome for windows.
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    Chrome on everything I own lol
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    Safari for everything. Chrome always seemed slower than Safari to me. And I like the layout of Safari better. It follows the logic of most other apps, where as Chrome does not.

    However, I do use Safari, Chrome, and Firefox for testing. (And sometimes signing into something multiple times.)
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    netscape. i was unaware that there were other options?!?
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    Mr. McMac

    Chrome on my Mac's and PC's for the past few years. Before that it was Firefox. I've always disliked Safari and Internet Explorer
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    Firefox on PC, Safari on Mac & iPad & iPhone.
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    Safari at the moment although I've been having some issues with it crashing lately so I might be switching to Chrome, but we'll see what happens.
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    Firefox Mostly, Chrome Occasionally
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    Safari is just the worst. I can't remember the last time I opened it in OS X.

    OS X: Firefox and then Chrome. I've just found Firefox to be more reliable with streaming (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) and is fine for everything else. Occasionally I'll even bust out Camino. Never Safari.

    Win XP (Bootcamp): Chrome.

    Win 7 (Work): IE 9, Firefox, and Chrome. IE 9 needed for some things (VPN and random logins, business banking), Firefox for the rest, Chrome for personal gmail and whatnot.
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    Chrome on my Macs, Chrome on my Galaxy Tab and Chrome on my iPhone :D
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    Jessica Lares

    Safari on OS X and iOS, Chrome for the times that certain things don't work (which seems to only be one instance). And Chrome on my S2.
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    Micky Do

    Safari on my own Mac Mini. Whatever is installed on other computers I use from time to time..... I'm not all that fussy. They seem to differ only in a the details. For general use the differences don't bother me much.

    @ Squilly; May I suggest you set up a poll for this topic. The information would be more concisely presented and illustrated with a graph, which would be more useful than scrolling down the thread. Respondents can still leave a comment after they have voted.
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    each one has a use and I use them all all the time.
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    Dr McKay

    Chrome accross all my devices, because it didn't care if I was on Windows, Android or iOS, everything stays synced.
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    Safari on my mac devices, stuck using IE at work.
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    Safari, i did try run with Chrome for a while but switched back
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    Serious or being funny?

    I use Firefox primarily. It is frequently updated and I like the security addons. (Better Privacy, No Script, Netcraft Tool Bar, and Web of Trust (WOT). I assume Chome has something like this, but I use Xmarks, an online bookmark manager/synch program.

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