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When testing app on device, app running but content of table not shown.

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by Serioushelp, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. Serioushelp, Jul 13, 2011
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2011

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    Hi guys,

    When i testing my app on the device, my app is running but the content in the table not shown. Well if my app build and run with simulator it works perfectly fine. Any suggestion or idea to it??
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    Where does the content come from to populate the table?

    If it's from a file, check two things:
    1. Pathnames on iOS devices are case-sensitive. Simulator, probably not.
    2. Directories on iOS devices are different from on simulator.
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    Content of table called using plist
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    Did u check if the plist gets builded with the app, how you know if it's getting loaded. are you sure it's getting called? You didn't really gave us much to go on.
    Try to log what's inside the plist. then you know what's the error (probably Case Sensitive.)
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    opps.. what i mean the content of the table get it data from plist.
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    I think jnoxx is asking "where is the plist?"
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    Thanks!! My plist is inside my class folder. Sorry about it since this is my first time building an app
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    Okay, so when you put it inside your Tableview, I guess u use some methods, to create an NSArray or NSMutableArray from it right?
    Did u log that inside your real device, and checked the NSLog statements? :)
    Or some breakpoints? :)
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    Yes i used NSARRAY.
    How to i log into my real device? and check the NSLog statement?
    Greatly appreciated your help
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    If you connect it to Xcode, RUN it on the device, put NSLog statements? then it will show up in your console..
    If you don't know what NSLog/Console are in Xcode 4, u need to check a bit more with the IDE and stuff, before asking some help. because it's hard to help u debug.
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    oh.. thank alot. But i am currently using xcode 3.2.

    Any good site to recommend on the IDE and stuff?
    Thank alot arh i am really new to apple app building and lots of thing in i am still unsure.:)
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    Same for Xcode 3.2 tbh :)
    There is a developer console, and when u put in NSLog Statements in your code (they will show up there during runtime).
    Id recommand, to sign up for a free developer account, download Xcode 4, mess around, or look around for some Xcode 3.2.6 tuts :)

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