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Where do you use your iPod?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by twomiracles, Jan 9, 2007.

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    Don't laugh, I'm serious. I'm in front of a computer a large part of the day and can listen to music there in that case. I have 2 five-year-olds so when I go somewhere, I seldom go alone so it's not like I can go to the bookstore or coffee shop and listen to music and read (though it sounds like Heaven to me!). Being a girl, well, I LOVE the RED iPod and want one very much, but I'm just trying to figure out if I'll use it enough to justify the money. So, tell me (but, um, keep it PG please, LOL), where do you listen to your iPod?
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    In my car, and walking to class. That's about it.
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    In my car and at the gym, primarily. Also if I'm outside running.
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    On all forms of travel. Although the tube (metro) is rather noisy.
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    car, work, home, commuting, travelling
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    Mostly in my car (gotta love FM transmitters), or on the 3 hour bus ride I take to get home from college sometimes.
    Other than that, only when I'm doing math or math-based econ. For some reason, I can focus when it's on- but totally can't focus if I'm doing reading for some other classes.
    Sometimes when I'm home I like to plug my iPod up to my speakers instead of my computer cause it's just less hassle.
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    I use my iPod (3G 40GB) for long train journeys, flights etc. I also have a shuffle I use when food shopping. It relieves the boredom.;)
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    planes, trains, automobiles.
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    During math lectures
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    ...not asleep... :eek:
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    I use my iPod almost exclusively in my car.
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    In my car on long trips...at the gym or out on my walks/jogs. Sometimes at home if I am doing any heavy cleaning other than vacuuming.
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    During my transit from home to school, and from school to home. Also, when I'm bored.
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    at work so co-workers won't bug me
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    Mostly when I'm out and about, on public transport, planes, or walking. Even in Waitrose whilst doing the food shop.

    And sometimes in our own flat when my partner has some music on I don't like very much :)
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    99% of the time I use it at the gym. the rest is split between carrying files from one computer to another and trying to listen to music while travelling on public transportation.
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    Anywhere, but home.

    At home I use iTunes connected to my hifi using an AirPort Express, everywhere else I use the iPod. It's excellent for commuting to work (I either walk, ride my bike or take the bus most of the time) and training (not much of a runner but I hike up mountains fairly often).
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    Thanks for the replies so far...I think I have a case of gadget lust rather anything remotely close to a need, LOL. I do need to start walking, but even then, I'll have the kiddos with me likely so won't be able to listen. At work, I can just play iTunes on the PC. I have all my music on a 20GB firefly portable drive so I can just take it with me to keep the files handy. In the car, I just listen to radio or CD, so won't use it there. So, I think it's just a girl thing, it's PRETTY and everyone seems to have one so I want one, too :) .
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    Ms. Practical here:

    Get one of the old shuffles, and get a red case! If you find you just can't live without it, you'll have every reason to upgrade. If not, you haven't spent a bunch of cash. Do a google search for red case shuffle, and you'll see there's lots of cool options out there!

    And, the (PRODUCT) red (or however it's written) goes towards a good cause!)
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    Okay, I made a wise decision and bought a 2GB refurb white nano off of the Apple site. I figure if I don't use it, I can get back part of my $99 on ebay.

    Thanks for the input!
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    everywhere outside home
    carrying files

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