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Where to buy replacement screen gasket.

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by samij586, Dec 9, 2008.

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    I've accidently ruined the rubber gasket that goes around the perimeter of my macbook air screen, and I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere that I could buy a replacement. I've checked ifixit and ebay with no luck, and the Apple Store quoted a ridiculous price to fix it.

    So far it is looking like my cheapest bet will be to buy an entire clamshell off of ebay, but before I do that, I wanted to make sure that know one knew of a better solution.
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    How did it happen?
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    Fairly long story, but in brief heat damage warped the hell out of it. Everything else is in perfect condition, but the gasket is permanently out of commission. I am confident however that i don't need anything besides the gasket itself to fix it, the clamshell itself wasn't damaged at all.
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    Can anyone direct me to a place that is willing to sell me the gasket or seal around the screens perimeter on the macbook air.

    If you have any solid leads or advice to get a hold of this part please comment.

    Thanks for your help
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    you may need to call them and ask.
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    This is for my brother, and we did give ifixit a ring last week, they couldn’t help us unfortunately.

    Wondering if anyone has similar places that might have leads on one?
    Looking around the net, and not finding too many places as of yet.

    seems like a hard item to come by
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    Thank you for the suggestion BTW :)
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    Just curious, what happened to yours? I have a Macbook Air.
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    Like I said this is for my brother, so this is what I was told…
    It was by no means a factory defect, but what happened was he took the screen out to do the apple backlight icon mod (old school rainbow celluloid insert), and when the screen is put back together, apparently the adhesive doesn’t like to go a second round,. So he heated the piece up (not sure which as I never saw it) that the adhesive was attached to, and this melted/ruined the seal so it doesn’t look factory anymore…
    But the apple icon is pretty I will admit, not worth the damaged seal IMO, but nice none the less.
    The closest thing I have been able to find is the entire screen assembly which includes the rubber gasket. This seems like a spendy wrought, as all that is needed is a small rubber gasket…

    So just trying to find somewhere that might be able to locate just the gasket.

    Thanks for any tips guys, very nice of you to take the time to comment on such a strange request. :)
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    Brave people. Sorry but it is not worth voiding my warranty to have a rainbow on any Mac. :)
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    Macbook Pro 15" needs gasket thing too

    I have a Macbook Pro 15" unibody and need the gasket that goes around the entire screen. If I can't find one, then my Mac is unusale. Mine got ruined trying to replace the LCD and it melted when heating to remove glass.
    Does anyone know where to get one???? I could cry!
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    I am in process of replacinge the screen in my appleair 11.6 and appart from wishing to replace the gasket also I am wondering what glue to use for the bezel. It seemthat some of the old gasket has stuck to the bezeland needs to be cleaned off bfore replcament. I saw that some have used super glue but fear that would result in damage if a second removal was necessary. Any advice welcome.
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