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Where to start learning C?

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by gerfuls, May 24, 2009.

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    I'm a fairly efficient and well-rounded Mac and iPhone user and I know HTML (if you really call that 'programming') and would really like to start learn how to program apps. From what I've read, learning C is where I should start in order to be able to program on the Mac and iPhone.

    I found this book "Learn C on the Mac", and it seems like a good starting point for someone completely new to programming. What do you guys think? Any other suggestions?
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    Well this is for C++ and not C. If I was going to pick between the 2 it would be C++. While there are a lot of good books outs... this free online tutorial is pretty good for a beginner. Just follow the tutorial link on that page.

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    Even though C++ is a very popular is cool to learn language, C is where you'll be making apps on Mac using Cocoa and Objective-C.

    OP: I would go with C, because that's how you make Mac applications. To learn C, try some of these websites:

    http://www.cocoadevcentral.com/ (Specifically for Mac/iPhone development)

    Edit: Oh yeah, that book you mentioned will do just fine :D
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    i thought c++ supposedly had alot of things to learn that aren't needed in objective-c which is my ultimate goal
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