Where's the stop button?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Natalia81, Aug 21, 2004.

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    how do you stop the iPod from playing in the middle of the song? I've only been able to stop it from playing by pushing fast forward til the end of the playlist..

    I have the 4G 20GB.
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    Press the Play/Pause button. It looks like this > ||.
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    Not having the pockets to have bought an iPod, I could guess that the answer to this question would be found in the documentation that came with it. :eek:
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    well, you could always check out the quick reference guide, or then again there's the user's manual. or the itunes help. then again there's good ol' common sense. THE PAUSE BUTTON!!!!!

    Edit: outthere761 beat me to it, cause i had to get the images and draw on them...
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    yeah, the pause button. although i do kinda wish there was a stop button. it would be nice to be able to stop the ipod without having to put it on pause. sometimes i would like to stop everything and leave it on menu.
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    It's no secret iPods don't come w/ a stop nor on/off button. The idea is people never turn their music off.
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    I call it the "livn' the beat" lifestyle. :cool:
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    You noticed how I said "stop it from playing"...common sense would tell you that I wasn't refering to pausing it, you ass! But thanks for taking the time to draw up the pics. Why don't you draw me a picture that answers my question!?!?! How do you stop it from playing?!?!?!
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    Well, when you finally can get your broke ass an iPod, you'll see the manual doesn't specifically say what the stop button is.
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    The diagrams are right. Just press and hold on to pause.
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    Rather than FF through all the song to the end of the playlist, you could go to the playlist itself, scroll to the bottom, hit play on the last song, and the hit the FF button once. It should automatically go to the main menu then. Of course, that won't work at all if you have it in shuffle mode.

    If you just pause the song and tap the menu button a few times, it should go back to, and stay on the main menu.

    Maybe I am misreading your question. Are you instead wanting one button that will stop the current song, and take you back to the main menu so that you can go to another playlist/artist/whatever?

    I've never really thought about that. I guess it's not something I would use regularly as I use my iPod mainly for Audio Books and long playlists on road-trips. I understand this usefulness though.
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    im sorry, i thought meant just stop the music
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    More like, no wonder this thing can't play more than 8 hours. If you want your music on all the time, what's the point of recharging every 8 hours?
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    Theres no need for a stop, not when you have a pause button, because it does exactly the same thing. (except with a stop button you would never be able to start from where you left of) Because the two buttons do nearly the same thing its stupid to have both, its minimal design that not only looks better but makes it easier to use. Holding the button stops, so Apple created a simpler device.
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    If you want to get techincal about it.


    Main Entry: pause

    Etymology: Middle English, from Latin pausa, from Greek pausis, from pauein to stop
    1 : a temporary stop

    Pausing implies stopping, so he was correct in pointing the glaring pause button.
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    No, holding the button puts the device into sleep mode. Sleep mode does not deselect the current song, either. Thus...

    There IS a reason for a Stop function. For example, if I want to have my iPod randomly play songs from my entire library, I go to "Browse" and push Play (without going deeper into the menus). However, if I have a song paused when I do this, all it does is un-pause the current song, rather than selecting a random song from my library to start playing. A "Stop" feature would de-select the current song and allow me to push Play on my Browse menu and start a random cycle of my library.

    As far as I know, there is no way to de-select a currently playing song other than to specifically choose a different song.

    If I'm wrong about this, I welcome someone to point out how as I'd love to be able to do this.
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    Between stop and pause it comes down to one thing. Laziness. When you hit pause it stops the music. I'm sure if there was a stop button it wouldn't take you anywhere else in the menu but just leave the current song selected. Pause is essentially stop, but better. Honestly this is too ridiculous to even be discussing as if you're complaining about something as fickle as this you shouldn't even own one.
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    They are correct Natalia, there is not "stop" button. Pause = stop.
    If you would like to put your iPod to sleep, you can hold down the play/pause button for 3 seconds. This is more of a stop than a pause, but even if you just pause it, it will sleep after a minute or so anyway.

    Lee Tom
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    Well, that is all I wanted to know. At the time I didn't think it would go into sleep in a pause state. That is why I asked. I didn't think I'd get such smart ass responses. And I guess if they wanna be so technical about it, I guess pause is a stop, and so is shutting the thing completely off or you could go as far as saying fast forwarding will also stop the current song from playing too or resetting the entire thing would also stop it, but that's not what I was going for. But thanks to the rest of you, who weren't asses about it...
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    well you could turn off the ipod that would stop the song

    or you could track back to the start i dunno.
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    Where is this "Browse" option? I have a 4G 20GB iPod and can't seem to find that. Now if I just push play on "Music" it will play my music in order of the artist. I could just hit "play" or the select button on shuffle to randomly play songs.

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