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Which browser do you use?

Discussion in 'Mac Applications and Mac App Store' started by MacMan988, Jan 30, 2013.


What is your favorite browser?

  1. Safari

    41 vote(s)
  2. Chrome

    20 vote(s)
  3. Firefox

    15 vote(s)
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    Hi, which browser do you use ?

    I use safari and always have been a safari fan.
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    I like safari OK, but I've been a regular Chrome user for a couple of years now. I think early safari versions were lacking, so I used Firefox, and then after Chrome matured somewhat, I switched. These days, if I have to choose between FF and Safari, Safari wins with no hesitation. FF feels like a lead weight compared to Safari and Chrome.
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    I've be using the Aurora builds of FireFox and it is faster than Chrome or Safari. I like the UI better too....

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    I like Firefox best. Chrome would be a close second. Except for the gesture animations, I dislike Safari.
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    I cannot stand Safari. I tried it a few times but it just doesn't work. Usability is just beyond recovery.
    Usually I was a devout Opera user but after it got really unstable since 11.something, I use Chrome and didn't yet switch back. I could get rid of the important kinks and page zoom works even better as it remember per site. In everything else Opera was still better and on Windows it is still my default browser.

    Firefox I use sometimes for special extensions but not as a default. It historically was to ressource hungry and slow with many extensions loaded. Not really an issue today anymore on the new faster computer but I never saw enough reason to really use such an extension heavy software. I prefer well integrated usability with good features.
    Safari imo has more useless than useful features and some concepts about UX are just so much worse. If I used to be an IE user I might be able to deal with that but coming from Opera it is just too much of a step back in years of usability.
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    I use Firefox most of the time, Safari if I need to quickly open PDF links, IE for crappy company sites that are only written for the lowest common denominator and Opera for banking.
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    Omniweb for general use - because of its versatility, and Firefox for those sites which insist upon auto-refresh and auto-play (hate them!).
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    Safari most of the time, and Firefox for Hulu since Hola doesn't work in Safari.
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    Safari on current iMac, used to use Firefox on Leopard/PPC iMac. Tried Chrome on a Win laptop a few times and disliked it intensely. Hard to say why, it was visceral.
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    Chrome generally, though I do think Safari is much improved since I upgraded to Mountain Lion. Firefox has always been painfully slow for me, even with a fresh install, no extensions, no other programs running.
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    A combination of Safari and Chrome.
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    Mostly Chrome after Fire Fox got slow on me. Thinking about trying Safari out again here soon.
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    I use Chromium (open source version of Chrome that has more features). :D
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    I've bounced between all three over the years, depending on which had less of a memory leak. Right now that's Safari! Which is my favorite anyway.
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    The people that are voting safari really need to try chrome!
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    I have. I prefer Safari.
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    I've been using Chrome the last few years, but it currently has some odd bugs and small lag issues that have been getting to me, so I tried out Safari again. I currently like Safari over Chrome, but the inability to choose where you save downloaded files on a case-by-case basis is a little annoying. I still keep Chrome around for sites that still use flash for video though.
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    I use Safari and Chrome but I tend to use Safari more often. I don't have Flash installed on my Mac, so I use Chrome anytime a site requires Flash.
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    Bounce between Chrome and Safari. I like Chrome as a primary browser, but Safari's ability to hook into the tabs that I have open on my iOS devices is quite nice and is part of the reason why I return to Safari here and there. Chrome can do something similar with iOS Chrome, but Safari is still the best browser for iOS...
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    Unless the merciful devs make firebug for me on Chrome I'll have to stick with FF. I am hating it more and more as the revision numbers climb! There are a ton of Macos bugs and "won't fix" items. Bah.
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    Google chrome for daily browsing,
    Firefox and Opera also installed for testing, and off course Safari
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    Mr. McMac

    Chrome is my browser of choice. I use Firefox along with downloadhelper when I want to download videos from various websites. I never use Safari.
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    Chrome for development (sometimes WebKit for bleeding ede stuff).
    WebKit for browsing, articles, etc.

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