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Which Computer Should I Use With My iPod?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by The_Man, Aug 8, 2005.

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    Which Computer Should I Use With My iPod?
    Im getting a new iPod 20Gb - color screen

    I have a new iBook G4 coming soon and I also have the windows machine in my sig that I use only during the school year because it is stored at school. I also have a windows machine at my house. I was wondering which computer should I format my iPod to, my Mac or Windows?

    The Specs for the computers are as follows:

    iBook 12" 1.33 G4/512 upgrading to 1.5Gig Ram/80GB HD - My Only Mac
    Windows P4 2.8/1Gig Ram/80GB HD - School Only
    Windows P4 2.4/508 Ram/60GB HD - Home Only

    I have about 22 Gigs of music and growing and can't decide which computer is better to use.I want to keep all my music on my iBook and Windows Machines but I dont know if i will be able to hold my ever-growing music collection. I want to use the album art widget with my iBook but there is already over 10 gigs taken up just due to the standard applications and I am afraid that I will run out of HD space. Does anyone have any idea what I should do?
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    format it to Windows and then you will be able to listen to your ipod on all three computers
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    What do you mean, are you saying that if I format it to windows then I can add songs and listen from my iBook as well?
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    yeah mac can read windows formatted ipods, but PCs can't read mac formatted ipods without special software. When you plug it into a second computer it will ask if you want to automatically update with the music on the new computer. Say no and you can listen to whatever is on your ipod (if there is protected purchased music i think you have to authorize that second computer also)
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    But if you decide to format it under Windows, you will need this PC to update songs and software on your iPod.

    If I were you, I would format it under Mac, install MacDrive on your Windows machines and you will be able to move files on your iPod between all thee computers you have.

    Why are you getting 20 gig model if your music collection is already 22 gigs?

    I would suggest that you get a 30-gig model if you can find it or maybe even 60 gigs
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    all the songs are already on his PC though
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    Format it to Winblowz, but update it from whichever comp has the largest Library
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    That's not true, you can format in windows then attach it to your mac and when it asks if you want to automatically update with the music on the new computer say yes and from then on your mac will be the main computer it syncs with.

    As for getting the tunes from the pc (where they are now) to the mac there's loads of threads about that sort of thing
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    I am getting a 20Gig because I dont really listen to all the arists over a short period of time, so if there is an artist that I start to listen to more than others, than I can just put the artist on my iPod and take off something else I am not listening to.

    I think I am going to format it to windows so I can use it on both platforms without having to download any programs (I can do this right?). Is it possible to also use the Album Art Widget on my mac if I have it formated to windows?

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