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Which language?

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by jer446, Feb 16, 2006.

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    Im pretty good in robotics, and am starting to think about a project id like to begin out of school.. a personal robot... I was thinking about buying an rc tank, and converting it so i can control it over the web... What program language do you think i would use, and how would i implement the programming? Do you think i would use like a pda with wireless.. going into like a pic.. anyways away from the electronics lol.. but id like it so i could take a laptop anwhere, drop this robot down, and control it with the mouse or keyboard.. bluetooth wouldnt have enough range.. Ive only found one guy whos done something like this, but doesnt provide much info.. Also it probably would be better if i programmed it multi platform, or even better, so i can operate it via a web broswer.. Any info would be greatly appreciated.. it would kind of be like the robots the army uses..
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    you're talking about two different platforms: one onboard the robot and one for the control mechanisms.

    for the former, you're going to be constrained by what hardware you go with (i'm assuming you'll be acquiring chips specifically for this purpose, or are you going to be programming your own?). i have no experience in this, but i wouldn't be surprised if robotic control chips have their own programming language. short of that, i'd expect C to be popular.

    for the control stuff, i'd expect you'd be a lot more free. you'll have to use adpaters from whatever language you do your frontend in, but once that low-level stuff is sorted out, you're free to write a software control panel in java, or write some kind of html interface, etc.

    how much programming experience do you have?
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    i have none, thats why i asked, so i can learn.. we are getting into programming basic stamps in class..
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    The last time I programmed a simple robot, the kit required C and/or 68HC51 (or was it 6805?) assembly code. The C compiler emitted assembly code which was integrated with the library code in source and assembled.
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    OH, I DID THAT!!! Except I used the 68HC11. It was like a 8 MHz processor or something like that. That was one hell of a chip.

    I'd start with a simple processor like the ones mentioned above and learn C (not C++). Fist I'd make a robot that you could pre-program do things, but not directly control. Then I would expand it to take inputs and instantly react to them. I'd even break it down further, but you get the idea. Make 20, 30, 50+ small project (or as many as it takes) and then bring them all together.
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    i already am building a robot now in school, just id like to do someting on my own time and for fun.. in school we keep adding on sensors to our robots and expand it more and more every day.. it has bump sensors, will have ir's, motor controllers, basic stamp..so i think i decided for now.. making it web contorlled isnt going to be feasable, and im going to just mount a camera on some servos and control them through rc, and then once i get that working, im going to make the video go to a head mounted display that will be able to control the servos by the position of my head. (either photo resistors or accelerometers) btw, does anyone know of some good robot forums??
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    i know a couple, but the robots always talk to each other in binary.
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    seriously, it would be cool to make it controllable over the internet, but baby steps first. once you're ready, give the robot an IP address, wi-fi and a way for your listener to get data from the wi-fi port. it'd be cool.

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