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which product for monitor calibration?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Nutella, Sep 2, 2005.

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    hi, i have a powerbook 12" and also an external monitor (sorry i forget what kind, but it's nothing fancy). i want to calibrate my screens for my digital photography. i'm looking into colorvision spyder and gretag macbeth eye one. any advice? thanks :)
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    Personally, this is the type of product that begs to be borrowed. Of course, colors may change over a period of time, especially with CRTs, but with this type of usage, I would more or less try to bum it from anybody.

    If you are in an organization/business/university they might have a department that does media or some type of design work. Borrow what they have unless you know it sucks. Also, most cities should have design firms in them, firms that do local ads, tv whatever. Maybe you could convince them to rent one to you for the short period of time you'll be using it.
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    Probably woefully inadequate but might as well point out that you can calibrate your screen via Display in System Preferences (just select color and calibrate).
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    Having the monitor far away and squinting is the key. That said, I wouldn't spend too much time into calibrating unless your a professional. Otherwise, you'd worry yourself with stuff like making 72dpi web images even though almost all displays are 96dpi or 100dpi and etc.
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    thanks for the responses! i will admit, i am clueless about calibration, but i really have to learn. i'm planning to sell my prints online and i want consistent results whether i print them at home or send them out.

    great idea, i need to talk a friend into buying one of those devices LOL! :D
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    The Colorvision Spyder is a nice compromise and works just about as well as the big boys.

    Remember, you'll need to get an ICC profile for your printer, or you are wasting your time.

    I use www.cathysprofiles.com.
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    Even just calibrating with the display prefs is worth it. On my previous LCD it made a big difference, not so much on this one.

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