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Who actually makes the PowerPC processor?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by DakotaGuy, Jan 14, 2002.

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    I love my iMac and iBook, but when my buddies ask me who makes the processor I am unsure. I have heard that Motorolla makes some of them and that IBM makes some of them too. Is the PPC like a coop effort or does one company make one (ie; G3 made by one company; G4 made by the other) or do both make both and if so which one do I have if anyone knows just by the models. Well thanks for the help, my models are listed below. Catch you all later!
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    The Power PC is a joined venture between Apple, IBM and Motorola. The processors are manufactured by both IBM and Motorola. However IBM does not use Altivec (Velocity Engine) in its incarnations of the G4 processor.
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    There is a partnership between Apple, IBM + Motorola (aka AIM). At the present moment IBM makes the G3 + Motorola makes the G4. Originally they were developed with co-operation but when "Altivec" was added to the G4 by motorola IBM did not agree with that and continued to develop the G3 on their own. However, both chips are similar in design.
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    There is no easy answer.

    Apple, Motorolla and IBM share the patent on the Power PC architecture. Most PPC chips have been made by Motorolla with IBM doing research and serving as leverage on Motorolla for Apple. Some runs of PPC were produced for short periods by IBM to make up for shortfalls in production by Motorolla. Apple threatens Moto with switching to IBM full time when they need a stimulus. Browsing the public records on the IBM and Motorolla websites should give you data on which runs were produced by whom. The recent agreement with Sony may mean Apple may get them producing chips, this would be a much needed boost and bring down costs. All this assumes Sony makes their own chips and that IBM and Motorolla would go along with it. :cool:
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    Actually I work at IBM Burlington. Any of the Power PC chips that are copper are IBM not Motorola. The G4's that Apple uses sadly are not made by us.
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    IBM or Motorola?

    There is a utility app, from powerlogic maybe (Guagepro?) that will tell you what chip you have and who made it etc, check on xlr8yourmac.com, thats where I got mine. I think. Also tells you how hot it runs. possibly useful.
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    I own an iMac 333

    By the grace of a Parent who works in (non R&D) Apple middle management; there were good deals when the "slot-loaders" came out. Check out the "brag" thread for the cool stuff. I've amped it up with a 26Gb HD and 256.
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    Re: I own an iMac 333

    then I stand corrected.... ;)

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