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who here makes web pages?

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development (archive)' started by slipper, Mar 3, 2004.

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    post what you made
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    IR Mongoose. My personal website, hosted on .Mac .

    I gotta start doing regular updates... I can't even remember the last time I updated that thing!

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    Mr. Anderson

    so why the interest?

    you have any?

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    here's a couple... i've got some more in the works.

    my site for my digital photography and editing

    another site i made for a friend. i had to stick close to their previous design, so i didn't have much to work with.
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  11. TEG
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    The Tegian Zone (Nee "TEG's Sci-Fi Zone") v6.0
    Not yet complete, I'm working on getting many of the pages up. I built it with tables, I'm going to try creating a CSS version after I get the pages implemented. At least this is better than the Frames Version I used to have.

    Also, it links to all my other pages, or what I have of them so far.

    Well it says on my site what I use, but here is the list;

    Claris Home Page 2.0
    Dreamweaver MX
    Photoshop 3.0
    Photoshop CS
    AppleWorks 6
    Mozilla Composer

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    ive posted it quite a few times, for everyones input, but I do make web pages. www.kurtdenison.com enjoy.

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    As do I. Some dang good ones if I say so. Check the work out at artisan studios. Love to help ya.

    Why do you ask?
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    Yeah, I do some php and MySQL.
    Here's my site (about my degree in Cybernetics, and the projects I have done in robotics, etc):
    Have a look and tell me what you think. ;)
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    I have a whole mess o' stuff I've been adding to incrementally over the years:

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    This stuff looks great - you give us all inspiration!! Could you also post what type of creation software you use, if any?? Dreamweaver etc....
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    Daveman Deluxe

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    Westside guy

    Well since everyone is getting into the fun:

    My "I do this for fun" site: http://www.westsidegardener.com/. Note that it won't look as good on IE, and will be absolutely broken on Netscape 4. :D

    My "this is my day job" site: http://www.ee.washington.edu/

    Edit: Forgot to answer the other question. For the most part I've coded HTML and CSS by hand using some combination of SubEthaEdit, Nedit, and TextPad - depends on what OS I was using at the time. I use Dreamweaver for quick updates once a template has been set up, and images were all Gimped or Photoshopped.

    Unfortunately some of the users responsible for updating the "day job" site's pages are stuck with FrontPage, which doesn't always play nice with non-IE browsers; so I have to clean up problems as I find them by hand (a real pain in the... neck, if you've ever seen FrontPage generated code).
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    Mines in my sig :)
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    I made this for my Ultimate Frisbee team at school.
    I'm working on making it CSS and Stanards compliant, but I haven't had time to get rid of the frames and some other nagging issues. Enjoy :)
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    TextEdit.. it's all you need. :)
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    subethaedit is nice for quick edits, photoshop, graphicconverter and iView Media Pro for the graphics, xcode or dreamweaver for playing with and Safari to view pages with.
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    For me, BBEdit 7, Photoshop 7/CS and Vi.
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    We are search engine optimization experts

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