Why Apple Makes a One Buttoned Mouse

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by wrldwzrd89, Jan 31, 2005.

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    Link: Why Apple Makes a One Buttoned Mouse
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    I'm copying the MacBytes style in my own news post because I like it and I thought someone reading this thread would find it funny.
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    Head on over to Slashdot for hundreds of comments on this story.
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    yeah, what's the "posted nowhere" bit for?

    It's been on slashdot since yesterday.

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    I fully agree with the writers comments. And I'm sure thats the reason Apple sticks to their 1 button mouse. However, Apple also knows that there are A LOT of power users out there. So not a Pro mouse (I know it already exists) with 2+ buttons and something like an iMouse with the current configuration. And we want scroll wheels on both!
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    It never bothered me -- when my old one button apple mouse broke (still with a rolly ball, something jammed) i bought a 2 button optical with scroll wheel -- i wasn't looking to spent to much and the apple mouse was more expensive -- do i like the two button mouse better? i don't know how i have no problem control + Click when i need to do something on my laptop, but i like the scroll wheel when doing work on my desktop.

    If apple chooses not to sell a multi button mouse --- i support them 100%

    mind you, i'm a blind zealot who will almost always support apple ... oh well
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    I didn't feel like mentioning that it was on Slashdot....it seems like everyone picked that up pretty quickly.

    EDIT: I edited my original post to point to the article covering it on Slashdot...does that make you happy now?
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    hmmm, yeah, maybe apple is right. Those reasons sounds sensible enough... I'll just advice anybody who's not complete fools to get themselves a multi-button mouse with a scrollwheel!

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    My personal opinion on this matter is this: as you may recall, earlier I started a thread regarding which mouse to buy. The advice given was to wait until Macworld had passed. Macworld has since been and gone - and I never did buy that mouse. I'm perfectly happy with the single button mouse Apple provided with my iMac.
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    I know a lot of people can't stand the one buttoned mouse and I never understood Apple's insistence on it either, until I started using one myself. I've come to appreciate the simplicity of the one buttoned mouse, I use the keyboard for most of my navigation and use the mouse as a point and click device - it works great.

    When I see people using Windows and randomly left clicking, right clicking all over the place I begin to appreciate Apple's philosophy regarding the mouse.
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    hey, sorry, I didn't mean to make that sound too harsh, it's just that there is a lot of work put into finding stories for these type of news/rumour sites, every bit of credit and relevant backlinking helps to give credit and raise the searchable value of the data.

    This shows the level of my ignorance - I've only seen it before on slashdot, but it could easily have been posted elsewhere.
    The truth is, you may have found that story in it's original published form and only had opportunity to post it now. So I realise that this could have been your time and effort put into sourcing this info.

    sorry for clouding your day :)
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    Hehe I now feel fully armed to engage in the everlasting battle with PC users bashing my mouse. :D

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    I think apple should start offering to ship a 2 button mouse with there systems. A mouse that looks there 1 button but instead it has 2 buttons and a scroll wheel just dont make it hte defaut one. Best of both worlds
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    Maybe Apple doesn't want to stomp all over the domain of third-party mouse makers (in addition to preserving simplicity) by not offering a two-button mouse option. I agree with you that if Apple does offer a two-button mouse, it shouldn't be the default.
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    I have heard that Jef Raskin was originally planning to use a joystick or along those veins in lieu of a mouse. Apparently, there is evidence that they are more intuitive pointing devices.
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    I think it's really a tempest in a teapot for both sides. Quoting these arguments to one of the "DIY PC users" will get you nowhere because they're dedicated to their philosophy. Explaining the two-button mouse requirement to Mac users is similarly a waste of time, although plenty of them (like myself) prefer the convenience of right-clicking. The article really only has clarified what both sides already believe. It does nothing to break the impasse.
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    If a reputable mouse maker builds and sells a multi-button scroll-wheel mouse that looks as if Apple designed it, it would sell like hotcakes. Yes, I am aware of Kensington's Studio Mouse, but it does not pass "looks like Apple designed it" test (and that giant Kensington logo's got to go).

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