Why aren't there articles before 'iPod'?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by johnbro23, Nov 27, 2004.

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    Why does Apple refer to the iPod as simply iPod. It just sounds kind of silly.

    A quick example on the "iPod on the go" page in the iPod store:

    Why I Might Need a Case:
    I want to protect iPod
    I want to take iPod for a workout
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    Steve seems to have a weird take on English grammar.

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    To me it almost makes "iPod" a proper name rather than saying "my iPod" or "the iPod".
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    because your supposed to
    A) treat your ipod like a human
    B) ensure that it gets regular workouts

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    Think Different ;) :p
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    there trying to personalise it hence ipod socks to keep your ipod warm, wtf it should stay cold it's a HD mp3 player.
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    They did that for the mac when it was first introduced.

    eg. Meet Macintosh
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    I thought we all treated our Apple kit as human.
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    you mean they aren't human?

    "Meet Macintosh" yet I have an old luggage tag that reads "Test Drive A Macintosh".
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    That makes sense that theyre trying to personalize it, but it kind of sounds like theyre cavemen to the non-iPod owner.
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    your computer as a person. Its a common apple theme. As indicated by the "breathing" light on every Macintosh. It would be really cool on a iPod.

    *Off topic*
    Does anyone know what iPod really means? Or where it comes from?
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    Don't know where the name came from but I love one Mac journalists' response to it, " I love the fact that nothing about its outward appearance or its name gives me the slightest hint as to its function or features. I'm confident that I'm now only one level of abstraction away from just putting money in a big box and mailing it to Apple for no specific reason." :p

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