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Why cannot ping

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by rockinmyshoe, Oct 18, 2012.

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    I set up a G4 Mac 10.5.8 with two ethernet connections. Both with Static addressing. I have internet sharing turned on, with en0 being shared with en1

    en0 is,, Router
    en1 is,, Router

    a laptop using is tied to port en0
    a mini using is tied to port en1

    so the schematic looks like;

    (laptop <--> ( en0 - G4 - en1 <--> ( mini)

    from the laptop I can ping,
    from the G4 I can ping,,,
    from the mini I can ping,,,

    but from the laptop I cannot ping or

    Any suggestions as to why?
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    Sounds like routing or firewall

    What is the default gateway of the laptop?

    It should be or you need a static route to via

    If one of these is true then try disabling any firewall
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    I had in the laptop as the gateway. I set it to and now i can ping and

    Thank you, that tests out the link as being good end to end.

    the next thing is to replace the laptop with LAN port on a router. :)
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    Glad you got it working :)
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    First time on this forum. Do I award points or is just a atta-boy
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    That was all the feedback required :)

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