Why do datatype+variables appear in balloons in Xcode?

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by Sandy Santra, Mar 23, 2009.

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    I'm coding a very simple Foundation Tool in Xcode. Basic stuff.

    When I type in something like:

    float circleArea(float theRadius)

    Xcode auto-completes and converts "float theRadius" into a weird looking bubble. If I click on the bubble and hit <Enter>, it disappears! If I double click, nothing happens. If I right-click, I just get the standard right click text menu (cut, copy, paste, balance, etc.).

    Does anyone know what these bubbles are?

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    They are very good feature of the new xCode. One click to select the entire name, another press of a button to delete them.
    In the old xCode version, it didn't do that. You had to select the entire name "float theRadius" and delete it or press backspace several times.
    It's a time saving thing, and a very useful one at that. You don't have to be very accurate with mouse selecting them either. Clicking anywhere on the label will do.
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    Thanks! Explains it well.
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    Uh-oh...bubble prevents build and go

    There's only one problem: this type of bubble results in Build and Go not working. I get a string of errors all through the code.

    Apparently something is wrong here. If there is a bubble around "float theRadius" it prevents the code from working.

    Is there something I have to change in the settings?
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    Does anyone know what these bubbles are called? I.e., the official Xcode name for this feature? I really need to research this and get to the bottom of it, but googling "bubbles" is not working, because that's not the real name for them.
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    I'm guessing you're referring either to Code Foldering or Message Bubbles. Both have options in the View menu.
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    These bubbles are just placeholders. You are supposed to replace them with your code.
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    Thanks for all the responses, everyone. I found the setting (to turn it off) at: Xcode, Preferences, CodeSense, turn off the checkbox for "Insert argument placeholders for completions."

    When I get more advanced, maybe I can turn this feature back on and use it.

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