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Why do the Mac mice only have one button?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Gary King, Jun 1, 2005.

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    Why do the Mac mice only have one button? Just curious as to who invented this craziness. I know you can plug in other mice, but... one-button? :eek:
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    mad jew

    Mainly because Steve is too stubborn to get a second button. :D
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    You know its funny, you don't need more than one button on a mouse. You can click ctrl and click to access the menus. Infact I don't even use a mouse. I use the keyboard for all navigation. I use tab to navigate throughout all the fields. Never needed a mouse. Infact I think that at WWDC we are discontinuing the mouse altogether. It is far outdated, heck its been around since 1993 for Jobs sakes. Well I hope I don't get fired by Steve now for letting the big secret out. Anyway the keyboard is the Key to navigation. Koo Koo.


    Rosco Peco Train
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    Beginners get confused with 2 buttons on their mouse. If you ever get a chance, watch a beginner use their computer. It is so frustrating the watch. If a two button mouse comes from Apple, it will be within a week according to rumors.
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    Well, I just gave my old mac to someone and it has a two button mouse (sony). I tried explaining (she's never used a computer before), and just like the classic examples people cite, she got all confused about which button to double click, which one to drag and click etc. When I told her she could get a mouse with just one button, she said "Really? I want that!" So I would say it still feasable.

    And honestly, my left finger starts to hurt after using a two-button, but the apple mouse I use my whole hand... count me converted.:eek: (Though some other way to use the scrolling or right click on the mouse would be welcome)
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    There are some people that would say who invented the craziness of mice that have many complex controls on them. Steve and many in Apple still believe in the one button mouse. If they were easy to convince that a multi-function would be better, the single button mouse would have been gone years ago.

    I think it is probably time to move on and expand somewhat, but I still use my one-button mouse without any issues. At this point I really doubt that a multi-function mouse would improve the speed of computing for me. A right click might be nice, but Control-Click is really not that hard to get used to.
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    The people who introduced the world's first consumer mouse came up with this "crazyness."
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    Ooh, I know what you mean. I have crazy tendinitis and using my trackpad or a 2 button mouse KILLS me. I love being able to plop down my whole hand to click! Much easier on the wrists and elbows.
    Now.. if only I could do the same thing for viola! :)
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    Pistol Pete


    HAHAHAHA you serious....you have to think.....just a little....apple wants pc users to feel comfortable and familiar with a mac.

    not confused and frustrated...
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    Having used PC mice all my life, i find the apple mouse a big problem. Sure does look pretty and is built excellently. But the fact that it doesnt have a scroller or a second button makes surfing the net a problem. A major one. I only now use my mac mouse as a second wireless option. For god sakes Mr Jobby make a better mouse!
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    Everyone that complains about the one button mouse is either a power user or someone who uses computers a lot.

    My grandparents use a dell laptop and only understand the left click. I told them the computer will break if you right click, so it was easy to teach them.
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    I used to be the same way.
    But after using it for a few months...:eek:
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    Pistol Pete

    lol well it might break....damn DELLS!!!
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    Maybe next week we'll finally get an Apple two button scroll mouse ;)
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    Don't confuse Steve Jobs with Apple Computer. Steve Jobs had a 2 button mouse on his NeXT machines. As to the reason why Apple hasn't moved on, I have not a clue.


    EDIT: Added Picture
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    Sweet pic! Not very ergonomic though :D I'll always have a place in my heart for all things NeXT although I never owned one. I wonder how much that mouse cost if you bought it ala' cart back in the day...
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    Those NeXT machines were soooooooooooooo far ahead of their time. I watched a video of Jobs showing a demo of NeXT and it blew my mind when I realized it was from the early 90s :eek: ! Jobs really knows how to make an OS that can impress.
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    Yeah, I watched a video like that too. It was crazy nice compared to the competition. After I saw the video, I was dumbfounded how they never became popular... but then, I guess they have with OS X.
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    Jef Raskin said years ago that there was a study that proved one-button mice were the most productive. I just found an interview from last year where he says it was 1 button largely due to user confusion and he'd give mac mice a 2nd button if he designed it today.
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    All I want is the current Apple mouse with some scroll device... The one button on my Powerbook works fine, but I couldn't imagine using it if it didn't have the scroll function. Why can't Apple take their current mouse, and put on one of those trackpad-like devices that Logitech uses for their v500?
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    as a editor i can tell you the one buttton slows me down a lot!
    for casual computer use i could see the reason for a one click mouse, but in the pro. feild a 2 button mouse is 10x more productive.
    I still have a brand new apple pro mouse, untouched because i use my pc mouse on my mac.
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    For grandma and the kids!!

    Ever heard of K.I.S.S?
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    I don´t care so much for the second button. A scroll-wheel is more inportant IMO.
  24. ksz
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    Rosco Peco Train not withstanding, there is no justifiable reason left to adamantly support the one-mouse-button ideologue. The rest of the world has moved on and they are not moving back (though most of them never tasted the one-button contraption). Apple, on the other hand, may be gravitating away from their age-old attitude. Many Macintosh users have already abandoned the one-button mouse and it makes sense for Apple to standardize on the 2-button mouse (with scrollwheel) and leave the one-button fashion statement to the aftermarket industry for those who really truly must have their one glorious button.

    :end of rant:
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    I got to go to the Apple store and use the Apple Mouse, and I was enthralled *_* I've never used such a simple mouse or one that felt so good to use.

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