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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by haryof, Jan 12, 2009.

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    Howdy all. I just inherited my first Mac, a 500 MHz dual boot ibook. I have put a legal (from a friend who no longer has it installed) copy of OSX 10.4 on it, but when I try to send the registration it says Apple is busy/or I couldn't connect to the internet. I am connected via a LAN and can browse and the like. I try to register by connecting via a modem and it connects, talks with Apple, thinks, and then says Apples is busy/or I couldn't connect to the internet. Am I doing something wrong? The machine is working fine, but I think I can't get updates until I register? Thanks.
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    I don't think you need to be registered to get updates. But anyway, my first thought would be something like limitation on ports that work from your LAN to the public internet. Who administers your LAN? If this is at home, what kind of hardware is used to create the LAN?
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    Well, I just tried updating over dial-up and I was able to install a small update. So, I'll go back to broadband and see if I can do the bigger updates there. I may have entered in the wrong password before. (Just did it, and bingo--thanks) Thanks for the tip. I'm in a monastery and someone else watches the equipment. In my office I have a belkin wireless router which connects to a bunch of "stuff' downstairs. I think an SMC cable modem might be the interface to our provider, and there are various switches and routers throughout the property. I can get online if I'm hardwired to my (unencrypted) office router, it's just that registration failure that seemed kinda odd. Maybe Apple was busy.
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    It's certainly possible, yeah. Maybe it was just a glitch and you can forget about it. :D

    As a note that might help, updates, particularly things like the combo updates (e.g. the one that brings you up to 10.4.11 from any previous version of 10.4) can also be downloaded directly from support.apple.com if necessary (no login or anything).

    Hope you enjoy your new Mac! Welcome to the best Mac place on the internet. :)
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    Thanks a lot. I could ask plenty of questions but I don't want to go off topic. See you around the forum probably!
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    If you want to make this a thread to ask other basic questions, that's totally fine -- we can even change the thread title to fit (just use the triangular icon in the first post to report the post to the moderating team and one of us will do it). Of course, we do ask that you try to search the forum first, but for the things you do not find via searching, you can feel free to ask in this or a new thread.

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