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Why does the ipad have a better screen than the Air?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Sean Dempsey, Oct 17, 2011.

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    Sean Dempsey

    The iPad 2 seems to have a screen with a far better viewing angle thank the Air. It's like the iPad has an IPS panel, and the Air doesn't.

    Why in the world would the iPad have a better screen than the Air? Is there something I'm missing?
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    I wonder that too... Why? I spent $1,550 on this laptop, it should have a better screen.
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    (mba has a little better resolution).
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    Do you have the LG or Samsung screen....lol..... Just kidding.... Think about it, the tablet is only a tablet with more room to focus on less. If you wanted a better screen then the tablet then you probably need to step up to a pro.
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    Sean Dempsey

    That's not true, the screens are both the same height at 768 pixels. The air is a little wider, 1366 vs 1024, but the actual dot pitch is the same pixels per square inch.
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    Then get an iPad ? Or a laptop with an IPS screen ? For most of us, we'd rather keep the cost down with a TN panel for what we use these laptops for.
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    iPads philosophy of usage is much more broad. Especially since they are designed to be held in hand while used; the multiple articulating joints of the arm and hand create a dynamic viewing environment, necessitating broad viewing angles. While a laptop is designed to sit on a static surface.

    Just my insight.
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    the air in some respects has a better display than the pro.
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    Sean Dempsey

    I have an iPad.
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    To be honest, at the price of a macbook pro, i would expect an IPS panel to be included.
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    The answer is battery life, LED TN panels need much less energy, with IPS the batter life would even suck more than now.
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    The price difference between a 64GB iPad and a 64GB 11" Macbook Air is $300. For that difference Apple has to include a slightly bigger screen, a much more complicated enclosure, backlit keyboard, ports, a full Intel chipset and processor, much more RAM, and a battery big enough to still get decent usage.

    I would imagine that the margin on the $999 Macbook Air is smaller than any of the iPad models.

    I can see Apple switching to IPS screens in future notebooks but they're also going to try to maintain their margins.
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    While I certainly agree, Apples greed prevents them from including a high quality IPS display. Since 15" MBP's are already $1,000.00 more than an equal quality ThinkPad, Apple knows they don't dare charge even more.

    Especially given the fact they fail to offer built in 3G multi carrier connectivity. No fingerprint reader. No ultra bay multi purpose port, and several other options that professionals like myself order.
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    As a graphic designer (sometimes photographer), I would consider the addition of IPS in their next macbooks a requirement and top priority. One of the reasons why I prefer working on a mac pro without apple's overpriced cinema displays.

    I also agree that apple REALLY needs to include the word 'choice' into their company philosophy.
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    It's not only viewing angles. The iPad screen's maximum brightness (even the iPhone's) is MUCH brighter than the Air's maximum screen brightness. It's pretty jarring side by side, but it tells you where Apple's priorities are. iOS is their prized pig now.
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    With 4 million iPhone 4S sales so far are you surprised?
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    I think it's because an iPad is meant to be used in different positions: As a book, as a keyboard on your lap, on a table, as a picture frame. And with several people looking at it simultaneously. And waving it around to use the accelerometer to control games. So a wide viewing angle is more important.

    A laptop is usually used in a more traditional fashion, on a lap or a table by one person. So the viewing angle doesn't matter as much.

    What does matter though is thickness, the MacBook Air's screen is ultrathin. I think finding an IPS panel that's low in power and thin and cheap enough would be a challenge.
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    Have you priced laptops with IPS screens recently ?

    You do realise that IPS displays in laptops are a rare thing. Anyway, that's what the DisplayPort output is for. It's not really about choice, it's just not Apple's target market, like a lot of other OEMs don't provide IPS panels.

    HP does in a very limited range of their laptop models (EliteBooks, not the Envy or DV models targetted towards consumers and as an option), same with Lenovo (X series, 220 and 1, there you go for an ultrabook with an IPS monitor). I know of no others off the top of my head.
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    I know they are expensive, but they should leave the option for an IPS screen in Air. I know I'd rather spring for that than for more memory or HDD space, or even faster CPU.
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    Do you have bad eyes?

    If so then maybe you appreciate the much lower resolution of the iPads.

    Not sure about the old air's but the new ones are 1440 * 900 ( 13 inch ) and that's a whole bunch more pixels.

    Rumors are just that rumors but currently the iPad 2 has a fairly low screen resolution which may get a serious upgrade in 2012.
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    He's not talking about more or less pixels. MacBook Airs use low gamut TN panels.
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    I get 12 hrs or so with my ipad2 with wifi always on and bt at night for an hour or so.. Mba is lucky if it got 5 in that situation.:D
  23. 2IS
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    about as rare as an IPS panel in a phone, maybe?
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    Put the processor from the Air in that thing and it would make quick work of that 12 hour battery life.
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    Nonsense, this is a supplier variable, not a concious decision of preference made by Apple.

    Me and the lass both have the iPhone 4, mine has a warmer yellowy hue, and hers is eyeball-white. There are inconsistencies all over all products that use more than one supplier for the same parts.

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