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Why hate the new Mac Mail

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by Scott38660, Mar 21, 2011.

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    I personally like the new interface of the Mail program found in OS X Lion. But I have to say the program sucks hell. It uses gigantic amounts of memory just for e-mails. And also a heck of a lot of CPU. What the hell is it doing in there to take so much resources?[​IMG] As you can see here, the Mail program is using 2.25GB of RAM and 9.58GB of virtual memory (in the swap folder of the HDD). I have seen it use up to 180% of my cpu (around 90% of each core). This makes the whole mac slow down, freeze, crash. It takes forever to open another program because there is NO RAM left (well 2MB that's useful!). So there you go, it saturates my RAM and uses a lot of hard drive to slow everything down and finally I need to force quit it and start it over because it's so unstable I'm not even able to send an email. So guys please be careful when installing OS X Lion and make backups and a second partition because it is really unstable. And Apple has a lot of work to do on the program before this summer.

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    Shrug. It's a beta. If that happens in the release version start complaining... or don't use it.
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    You're right, but I was suprised by how much resources are used
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    I'm not seeing a problem with my mail install. In fact considering it is a preview, not even a beta, it is running fine for me.

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    I wonder what's wrong with mine then.
    Could it be that I have 12,000 emails in my inbox?
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    Is it a fresh install? or have you had it installed for a bit and it just started to act up? Is it IMAP accounts? Are they importing mail? Not really sure.
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    I have one IMAP and one POP3 (ya hotmail sucks for that).
    It did this right from the begining.
    And no, no activities, it's not loading or anything.
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    I only see about 600 messages when I click on my inbox. Those are from about 12 IMAP accounts. The rest are in folders and won't show up unless I expand the individual accounts, so I can't speak to 12,000 emails in one account, but it does not seem like a large amount. Once they are imported, there should not be such a high usage. I would file a bug report.
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    Okay thanks for your help, I'm gonna try somehow to archive them.
    The thing is I actually have a thread where there are over 9,000 of them. (no subject) maybe when it tries to load them all and be ready to display all of that it uses up RAM.
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    I'm not sure. It can't hurt. What you are seeing is excessive by any measure. There have been some applications that don't work for me, but considering it is a preview it has been remarkably stable for me.
    Perhaps, move your mail folder to your desktop and start mail fresh or Rebuild the mailbox from within mail.
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    Okay I'll try thanks.
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    No problem. Maybe someone else who has that much mail can offer a suggestion.
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    Typically Apple OS X beta's aren't compiled yet for debugging and allowing core applications full system access. I had a similar issue with Safari in Lion. On my 2010 3.33 GHz 6-Core Mac Pro it slammed my CPU's and RAM, I couldn't even restart finder and had to do a hard reset.

    Keep in mind, this isn't even a beta, but a very rough developer preview. Sometime this week, expect the official first release of Lion OS 10.7 beta. Apple is recompiling Lion from a months worth of developer feedback and bug reports.
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    That would be very nice. But what, might I ask, makes you think there will be a beta coming out this week? I'm looking forward to some bug fixes and I'm curious how the update process will go.
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    I don't think anyone outside of Apple knows for sure, but the "rumor" is the 24th because it has been a month since the Feb initial release.
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    That would be nice. I guess time flies. I never realized how close it's getting to the summer and the final release. I guess I'll just pray that they make it available through software update instead of a whole new installer.
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    I'm guessing they will release via the Apple Store again, just because I think it will be the first beta. Getting closer to summer I would expect changes to be shifted to a Software Update. Just my two cents.
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    That's what I'm expecting too... But it would be nice making it faster and easier... Plus... Not all of us got it with a Developer account... ;)
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    No offense, but I wonder why the newbies are overreacting to CPU/Memory/Battery usage in a developer release.

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    More like: It's a Beta, report the bug, as you still have a chance to make yourself heard. Once it goes final no one will listen.
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    I have over 15000 messages in my Inbox and Mail isn't using much more than 100mb.
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    Annnd that's why I hope they make it another app store release. ;)
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    Well I understand about the beta but it's still pretty impressive, new record for me the VM used by Mail went to 11.13GB a few minutes ago. I had to force quit it. And also another fact on a non dev preview I had Safari run at 3GB of RAM (yes 3GB of real memory for Safari) and that was on 10.6.6.
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    I'm actually kinda laughing at it rather than over reacting.
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    Does it still ask you for your SMTP password ENDLESSLY if you try to use more than one gmail account in it at the same time lol...:mad::apple::mad:

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