Why is this? Widgets slow down.

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by chever@chever.p, May 22, 2005.

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    I'm new to the world of mac having just purchased a dual 2.3 2gb powermac running the latest Tiger os.
    I know these mac's are fast, very fast, but have notice some wierd things.
    Let me explain....
    I was running some tests with a image of 200mb plus, mulitple layered, 2000x2000 resolution image in photoshop and then guassian blur with no slowdown or problems, its what I expected to be honest. Now, if you open your widget panel (f12) and continually press a widget icon, the machine really struggle to keep up. Its dosn't seem any where as graphic intensive as the photoshop test but it does struggle. Unless its just my machine.

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    Umm, if you're talking about widget icons in the Dashboard dock, do you realize when you continually click those icons, you open multiple instances of that widget? It has nothing to do with graphics and everything to do with eating up memory, CPU cycles and all that good stuff.
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    Yes, if you continually click the icon in the dock, it slows the machine down. But surely a powermac should be able to cope with several instances of a widget. I know that you wouldn't normally click mutiple times on the same icon to produce 10 plus of the same widget, but their not overly complicated apps.

    Are you saying that it does the same on your machine?

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    If I click on a widget over and over again on my PowerBook (see sig), which is much slower than your PowerMac, the ripple effect gets jerky and stutters, but overall things don't really slow down. I still end up with a bunch of instances of that widget, and they're up and running as quickly as I would expect. That ripple effect is pretty hard on the GPU, as you may know it doesn't even work on current iBooks and Mac minis because the graphics card in them isn't powerful enough. I don't see it as a problem, because after all that effect is only there to look cool. It doesn't really serve much of a meaningful purpose. I'd rather have it slow down and get jerky than have the computer itself slow down when opening a bunch of widgets. Of course, I'm not sure why you'd want to open a bunch of copies of the same widget at the same time anyway.
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    There wasn't any reason, just putting the mac through its paces. I use to own a 800mhz pentium 3 with 512mb of ram, and couldn't get round how fast these macs are, so just wanted to see what the limits are. No going back!!!

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    I've got an 800 MHz Pentium III in front of me. Since getting my PowerBook, I turn it on maybe once every 2 weeks if it's lucky :p. I also have a dual 1.8 GHz PowerMac G5, and it's amazing. I can't imagine a dual 2.3 or dual 2.7!

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