Why isn't GoodReader showing images on iPad?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Active, Aug 7, 2010.

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    I can download web content but haven't been able to see some pictures that are on the page. Instead I get a white box with a ? inside. These images could be anything from an icon, clipart or any image that happens to be on the webpage

    They are just simple everyday images that I can see using the browser but not with Good Reader for my iPad. Anyone know why?
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    i think it only downloads the html files not the associated images! so once you open the downloaded page in goodreader it only displays the html page and image placeholders with "?' and not the actual images because they were not downloaded.

    if it can download a web archive, single file format as *.mht like internet explorer then it can display images and other content. but unfortunately it doesnt support saving in mht format. you can try saving from your desktop and then loading into goodreader to see wether it supports viewing of the *.mht file
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    Thank you. I didn't know that before I purchased the app. Now it is useless to me. Unforntunatly.
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    goodreader is still a very useful app for file management and as a pdf reader.

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