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why not iTunes IN iPod?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by mike czech, Jun 19, 2003.

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    I do not own an iPod. For my travelling music needs I have a RioVolt mp3 CD player that cost $130 and takes $.19 CDs full of my mp3s. I like the IDEA of the iPod, but there's something about it that is so NOT Apple - the graphic interface.

    Why is it that the world's #1 proponent of eye-pleasing hardware and GUI's came up with a b&w folder-based screen for their next-level audio player?? Why doesn't the iPod have AT LEAST a b&w iTunes built in??

    I think that having iTunes as a part of the iPod package would be great as a way to distinguish it from all other audio players and fully Apple-ize it. Also, for non-Mac users who own and use the iPod, this would be a great way to get used to the functionalty and look of iTunes before it comes to Windows.

    This is all much ado about very little, but whenever I see an iPod all I can think of is a calculator with a fancy cover.

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    the ipod ui is great.............why would you need an mp3 player when the only function of the device is to play mp3s ... without a keyboard itunes would be useless also there is no room for the library window to make it readable.
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    Re: why not iTunes IN iPod?

    without a mouse to move around, itunes doesn't make much sense. as for why its b&w, two words: battery life.

    I might also mention that iTunes is a rather large software program. I suppose they could strip it down, but to make ti functional, it would end up working in exactly the same way.

    I'm not sure I can see how you think it would work. I think apple did it right. No application, just an easy to understand, intuitive user interface that does exactly what you need it to do fast. Not everything needs a fancy UI. some things, like the iPod, would be hurt by having a more expansive UI.
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    Sure a color screen sounds nice and would look nice, but when you get down to it a B&W screen is just as, if not more, functional.
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    thats whats so great about the ipod, doesnt have all that color crap to confuse the user. what is the point of having a pretty interface with color when it will drive up cost, lower battery life and the ipod is in your pocket 95% of the time. fancy calculator.....enjoy your riovolt.

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    apple recognizes, and i agree, that handheld devices require different UIs than desktop/laptop computers.

    c.f. the Newton OS, still the best handheld OS i've ever used.

    now look at Windows CE. microsoft seems to think that the best thing for a handheld is to make it look just like windows, only on a (much) smaller screen.

    when one considers the difference in devices in how the user works the device (scrollwheel vs. mouse, pen vs. keyboard, etc.), i think it only makes sense to reflect that in the entire approach to the GUI.
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    besides the fact that I never said anything about a color screen, just about giving the display a little more eye-candy possibilities...

    I sit corrected.
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    what exactly do you want it to have.


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