why the change in size???

Discussion in 'iPod' started by drater, Jan 15, 2006.

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    I have ripped several episodes of family guy to ipod format...most of them are about 37-43mb, but only a few of them are 100-120mb...why has it changed so much? I looked over the "get info" options and tried to compare the files...i couldn't find anything different, and they all play on my ipod just fine. Anyone know what is going on here? trying to conserve hard drive space..

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    Are they all encoded with the same options?
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    as far as i can tell they are...unless i'm missing something, but i doubt that....they are:
    mpeg-4 video file
    127 kps
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    As far as I know iTunes gives the bit rate of the sound only, open the file in QuickTime and open the movie info window and it will give you more info about the file.
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    Yeah the reason why the file size shrinks is because of the awesome H.214 Codec that Steve was talking about, meaning that it can compress video without losing the quality :D

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