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Why the inconsistency - rating system?

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by Apple Key, Mar 12, 2012.

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    Apple Key

    On the individual article pages you can see the breakdown of positive vs negative votes. But in the forums you only see the combined total. Why is it set up like this?
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    That's something I've noticed too, but have to assume that it's an issue to do with the way vBulletin manages the votes in the forum and separately on the story pages.
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    I don't know, maybe something with server, issues. But, can we bring the debate about the voting system to this thread as well?

    "Maybe we should remove the voting because it is inconsistent."
    "No, keep the voting because it's easy to see the useless posts."
    "Remove it because it only causes trouble with 'you downvoted me' 'he up voted you...'"

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    No. Please restrict your discussion of that issue to this thread: Can we please remove the vote buttons?
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    Apple Key

    That pretty much sums it up. :)

    Now that that's over with...

    What would you choose? Overall or negative vs. positive?
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    Please note, my posts was simply for entertainment purposes. I don't want that discussion anywhere else but it's own thread, nor did I have any intention of starting that discussion somewhere else.
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    I'd vote for a 4 week moving histogram of up and down votes per day, displayed as a sparkline.
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    Apple Key

    I see we're not allowed to comment on the site without it being turned into a joke.
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    Yeah, you are. Hang in there, you raised a reasonable question and I'm sure the thread will develop if you wait it out. I'm sure you're not the only one who wonders about this issue :)

    Carry on...
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    He could have been serious. If MR ever got enough visits and votes then perhaps, but otherwise it's not feasible.

    That said, you're right about the breakdown-- if they are going to show votes, they might as well show the total breakdown. A 0 could be -20/+20, which would be a controversial comment.
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    Apple Key

    I can't really see how a graph would be effective even if we had more traffic and it was changing all the time.

    I agree that it would be more useful to have the negative and positive numbers. Overall, that might fix the rating system to the point where most people will be happy with it. At least I think it's worth giving it a shot.
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    It would show when the activity (up and down votess) happened. If there's a total of 100 votes on a post, I'd like to know if they all came at once, shortly after it was posted, or whether there's an ongoing stream of readers actually reading it and voting on it. It's just more detailed data, and because it's a sparkline, it occupies a small amount of space.

    It wouldn't have to be time-limited at 4 wks. It could taper off non-linearly, so the first 1/4 of the graph can represent all recorded votes older than 3 wks, with the first point everything older than 9 wks (3+6), the next 6 represent weekly votes, and 3/4 of the graph is just plain linear (3 wks).

    Not that I expect this to happen. Nor do I expect the separate up and down counts to happen either.
  13. Apple Key, Mar 15, 2012
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2012

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    Apple Key

    The sparkline is more info than I feel is necessary. Sorry for the misunderstanding on your intentions. It certainly is an interesting idea though.

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