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Why won't my BluRay rip play?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by rbrian, Aug 18, 2013.

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    I ripped Avatar, using MakeMKV on Windows 7 (because I couldn't get my Mac to recognise my BluRay drive) into a 40Gb file, which I then used Handbrake on my Mac to convert into Apple TV 3 format, as I have done lots of times before.

    The special features on the same disc all work ok, but the movie itself plays in VLC (without sound) but won't play in Quicktime or iTunes, because "the file format is not recognised". What went wrong, and is there anyway to recover it short of spending 27 hours ripping it again? Is it something to do with the file size? It's 13.36Gb (the 3-hour extended edition).


    OK, that's weird, it works ok now! I tried changing the extension from .m4v to .mov, then .mp4, and then when I changed it back to .m4v it worked fine... :confused:
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    Next time download! That takes 2-3 hours max, even on cheap ADSL lines, way less than 27. It's not a hard to find movie, it will be available in all flavours you need.
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    Or rip the disk he owns because he spent the money and bought it like a good boy (giving back to the hardworking cast and crew that helped make the epic piece for your enjoyment), and rip and Handbrake the disk so he can play back the masterpiece on the devices of his choice! :)
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    I can't tell you the number of times I, and others, have tried to solve peoples video/audio problems with a file, only to find out they were corrupt downloaded files. Garbage in...garbage out.

    Do it yourself and know for sure the quality of the output.
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    Except that it isn't! Sure Avatar is available, but not the extended version with all the extras, and less than half of the TV show DVDs I ripped are available digitally anywhere legal in this country.

    Anyway, according to my calculations, it would have taken about 14 hours to download on my crappy connection. My mini rips about twice as fast (because of the hyper threading), so it would have beaten the download by a few minutes, but that's busy on other tasks right now.
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    I also had compatibility issues with mkv files.

    Get a blu ray player, or download from iTunes next time.

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