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    I just connected to a local access point and I want to make sure that WEP is enabled on my airport card. Does that even exist on the airport card I have OS 10.3.4 and the built in WIFI card on the 15.2 powerbook. I really dont get the greatest signal with this card. Should I go PCMCIA card like linksys or get an external antenna?? Please help...
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    I don't know if I am getting you right, but WEP is not enabled from the airport card, its enabled from the router or your Airport extreme base station. And it has nothing to do with the strength of signal you are getting. Its just an encryption for safety.
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    WEP is a wireless base station function. Your card cant do it. Reception, however, is another matter. If you arent satisfied with it, you could try an external, PCMCIA card, but it may be the router in question that is giving poor signal and not the card.
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    OK guys thanks, Yeah so there is no way the user of the router can access my airport card correct? I was thinking about going with an external PCMCIA card because I want to built a cheap antenna and use the pigtail type of plugs but it does not seem that the airport card has the option of hooking it up.
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    If you want an external antenna, you should look at some of the PCMCIA solutions. I looked briefly for a solution to use with an Airport Card and couldn't find one (course, that may be cause I looked briefly)

    I know most, if not all, of the Orinoco 802.11b cards will accept an external antenna. Honestly never looked at the 802.11g cards around for plugging in an external antenna.

    As far as a router "seeing" your Airport Card, it depends on who is running the router. Every router can "see" your Airport Card and your connection. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to connect to the router.

    Honestly, if the wireless router is open for you to find and connect, they probably won't even know you're there.

    Just in case, make sure your default settings are good to go. Go to System Preferences/Sharing and take a look. First button is "Services" which should all be turned off unless you have a need for them. Second is "Firewall" which should be on and nothing checked as "on" unless, again you need it.

    Otherwise, wardrive/walk/sit to your heart's content :D
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    Just consider this. The PB15's are notorious for showing a poor airport strength signal. Is the airport reception that you are currently getting sufficient for your uses? I have a 15 and yes the Airport reception is not at 4 bars even if the Powerbook is right next to my basestation. I can surf the internet and access all broadband content without a problem...

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    This thread does raise an interesting question though - of how people (especially with the new Airport Express hitting the street) check to see if they have enabled either of the two security levels as part of the setup process.

    Is important to make sure when you set up Airport Extreme or Express that you set up a secure WiFi network... otherwise your neighbours might leek onto your setup!
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    When you are setting up Airport Express base stations the setup helper asks if you would like to enable a security function and gives you several options to choose from (including WEP). It's dead easy to do, took me about three minutes to get mine up and running.
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    You mean the Onico card has a pigtail connection for an external antenna??

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