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WiFi printing from a Mac Pro (is it possible?)

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Julien, Apr 18, 2013.

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    Just bought a Brother HL-2270DW laser WiFi printer. I have a Mac Pro and an Airport Extreme. I followed the instructions but when I unplug the USB cable my Mac Pro says the printer is offline. If I plug the cable back in it works fine. I know the printer is setup and works on my WiFi because I can print from my iPad and iPhone. Even though my Mac Pro is connected to my Airport does it have to be on WiFi also?
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    It doesn't have to be on wi-fi, just the same basic network. I would totally uninstall the printer since it seems to be setup under USB and not as a network device and just re-install totally. Do not connect it via usb at all or else your Mac will assume thats how you want it. You should't need to make a physical connection at all. How you setup the printer initially matters big time.

    The most you should have to do is find the IP address that is assigned to your printer (you can print out a config sheet to get that). Honestly though just use the included software though and choose the network option when you are setting it up.
  3. Julien, Apr 19, 2013
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    I have tried total un-install and printer factory resets several times. Also there is no way (instructions or I see) to set the printer up on WiFi without USB connecting/running setup software. For instance how would I selet the correct WiFi (there are several around me) and then how would I input my WiFi password? The printer has no way to input this (no touch LCD screen).
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    I don't understand. Is the printer on your network or is is not? You shouldn't need to ever plug it in your computer to do this. It should have it's own interface on the printer.

    The brother software I am familiar with will allow you to set up a network printer (which is what you want to do) without connecting it physically connecting it to your computer. You should never need to directly connect it via USB unless you want to print that way.

    You many need to do it manually via an IP address. You may need to print a config sheet first. But if your printer is not connected to your Wi-fi network you need to do that first and you may need to check your manual to to that.
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    If I factory reset the printer there is NO way to get it on WiFi without connecting it to my Mac. Here is the complete interface and control panel (one button) on the printer. How can you enter WiFi and pasword info with one button?

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    Look at this thread. I think you can ignore everything except for the "thing" that Brother sent the poster, and then later the post that links to the "help" that Brother tech support offered.


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    Thanks, the first part 'thing" was useless to me since I was past installing but the second "help" did it. I needed to delete the driver and then reinstall as a CUPS. It is now working from my Mac Pro on WiFi.

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