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Wii System Update?

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by jdechko, Jun 18, 2007.

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    I searched through recent threads and didn't see anything about this yet.

    I got Mario Party 8 last night and upon inserting the disc and going to the disc channel, the Wii prompted for a system update, which it did rather quickly; too quickly for an internet-downloaded update, which leads me to believe this update was installed off of the Mario Party disc. I meant to look to see what version the firmware was and if it was even a firmware revision at all.

    Has anyone else (without Mario Party) gotten notice of an update? Anyone with Mario Party get an update? And what does the update do/fix?

    Just curious to find out more. I'll post the firmware version when I get home

    EDIT: Nevermind. Apparently it was a patch for some settings thing. No new functionality (like mass storage devices and/or keyboard support).
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    It just means that you never updated your system. I didn't have to update anything to play MP8.

    MP8 is a half-arsed lazy port btw... they could have at least made the games widescreen with no bars, and got rid of the nasty frame rate issues before they released it to the Wii.

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    I've downloaded all of the System Updates from WiiConnect24, but this was something different (I should have looked at google first).

    I'll agree that it's not a great port and the lack of widescreen sucks (I didn't even notice :eek: ). But I had no issues with framerates, and my wife actually had a lot of fun and even beat me in several minigames. I really bought it as a game we could play together, so hopefully we'll get some more game time together. :)
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    Eat a duelo candy and watch the framerates ;) its not choppy, its just slow.

    I have a 52" widescreen HDTV running the wii at a glorious 480p (oooo aaaaaa), i notice things like bars on the sides and sloppy framerates ;)

    They could have done better, unfortunately they didn't.

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    Sound's like practically every Wii release so far.

    At least with Wii Freeloader out at the end of the month 'reportedly' I can get to play Super Paper Mario.
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    Indeed Mario Party 8 sucks.....Hoping for some good games soon.

    I had this happen to me as well when I played another game but I saw no changes....I think its just a check.

  7. Guest

    Sky Blue

    You're not missing much :(
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    Damn.... just when I thought things were looking up :( :eek: :(
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    My wife, myself, and a friend all got together and had a lot of fun with MP8.

    I thought it was fun and quite good, although I haven't played an MP game since N64 :D
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    I like Super Paper Mario. I've liked all the previous installments though too. It's not a system maker by any means, but it's a solid title to have in the lineup.

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    Has there been any games that are just made for the wii.
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    i think there are a few - Red Steel and Zelda to name two.
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    Ok maybe I said it wrong I meant games that were designed for the wii for example Zelda was first made for the GameCube then they kinda ported it to the Wii.
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    Wii Sports, uh.. yeah, I'm going back to my PS2 now.
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    As a Gamecube owner without a Wii, I'm frustrated that all these games that were going to be Gamecube games were ported over to the Wii. At least they released Zelda still, but I'd have liked to have Super Paper Mario too.
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    I'd imagine Brain Age was also Wii original as it'd be stupid on the Cube. Zelda certainly wasn't a Wii game. I don't know if Elebits was? Also possibly Trauma Center?


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