Will my Microsoft keyboard work with Powerbook?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by coolbreeze, Jan 23, 2003.

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    As you might already know...I'm recently switching. I have the Microsoft Natural Pro keyboard for my (soon to be RIP) PC...I love it (the keyboard, that is). Heck it might even keep me from getting carpal tunnel (heh.)

    Anyhow, it's not USB, and not Apple...so will it work with my Apple Powerbook?
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    I would say no, but that would be taking the easy way out, so, what port does this keyboard use?

    You might be able to get on of the ____ to USB connectors.

    Anyway they aren't that great... I'm sure the powerbook keyboard is nice enough.
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    WOW! Thank you for asking that question. After reading your post, I disconnected the PS/2 connection (what PC users use to connect their keyboard to the PC) to take a photo of it to show you. This keyboard also has a USB connection (has ports on the keyboard itself). Well, when I disconnected the PS/2 connection, I hear a couple of dings, and lo-and-behold, Windows XP installed new drivers for my "Microsoft Natural Pro Keyboard." (the usb connection was still plugged into the PC).

    This is good news to me, because I love this keyboard..and it appears it will work via the USB connection only...so I think if I plug it into my powerbook, it will work.

    We'll see tomorrow....

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    ...and here is a photo of the keyboard that hopefully will work with my powermac via usb...whaddya think? will it work?

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    it will work to at least type. i dont think you will get the special keys from a discontinued product line.

    good luck.
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    CoolBreeze...I agree with MrMacMan...


    I agree with MrMacman: I too had a temptation to simply tell you, "No! It doesn't work! Get a Mac keyboard!!!!"

    Unfortunately, I don't have the objectivity and honesty that MrMacman has so, here goes:

    "NOOOO!!! It doesn't work! Get a Mac keyboard!!!!!!"

    Honestly, I don't know if it works or not. Best of luck. (And glad to hear you're switching over from the dark side...) :D
  8. arn
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    should work
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    Now, keyboard aside, didn't you read the iPod documentation? you shouldn't be charging it in it's carrying case, there can be heat issues...

    MS mice work, so there's no reason this wouldn't... of course, there are other split-keyboards for Mac, if you should be so inclined to get one that's more aesthetically pleasing ;)

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    Juventuz already provided the solution...


    First of all, Welcome to the Mac Community.

    Secondly, I followed the link that Juventuz provided and verified that a] the Natural Keyboard Pro is discontinued, shouldn't matter though, and b] that there is a Mac OS X driver for the "Natural Keyboard Pro" but not the "Natural MultiMedia Keyboard".

    I only mention the Natural Multimedia keyboard because there are so many buttons on yours and I wanted you to make sure that that is not the one you have.

    If not, it should work fine

    Again, welcome.

    I'll re-post the link for you just in case:
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    no it doesn't work. that keyboard may have both USB and PS/2. but they are meant for different things.

    the USB is for using the USB hub that's on the front of the keyboard, nothing more. the keyboard function still needs PS/2 port, which Macs don't have.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    Hope you are sitting nice and high above that keyboard because if not arching your wrists up over that pad helps creates carpal syndrome. I have allways found that low and flat is better and i used to work in the medical field.

    Welcome to the Mac World it appears you are thinking different!
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    I have two MS keyboards and they both work fine. The buttons are programmable as well... Just download the MS IntelliType software.

    As long as it has a USB connection it will be fine. The PS/2-only keyboard don't work without an adapter.

    To those of you making random guesses about whether something works or not, please just don't reply if you haven't the faintest idea what you are talking about!
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    Have you ever used one? Have one connected to your Mac? Probably not...

    I am typing on one right now... The USB plug is connected to my Mac and there is a PS/2 connector dangling behind my desk... Don't state guesses as fact.
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    PS/2 to USB

    You might want to look into PS/2 to USB adapters if you really love your keyboard. I did a quick search and found one for around $30. This would complete the connection to the keyboard, and Juventuz mentioned that the drivers were available for it. Although it seems odd that the USB connection wouldn't work, good luck. Hope this helps.

    Heres the link to the PS/2-->USB adapter I found.
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    hey, you never know... maybe the other end of the fw cable isn't plugged in! haha.
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    it was NOT a guess. I use the EXACT same keyboard for my PC. I plugged it into my dual 1ghz G4 tower, and it only sees the USB hub. Typing on it does nothing.

    Don't be so quick to accuse people of guessing.
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    calm down.

    jeez, its only a keyboard. what does he loose for trying??? nothing.

    if it work, GREAT. if it dont, awwwww

    besides if he loves it alot he can get a PS/2 -> USB adaper.

    he already has a USB hub (well he should) there for he can plug it all in.

    see, now i was calm and i didnt attempt to blow anyones b***s off for stating their experiences.

    shees, grown adults fighting like kiddies. (i am 17 :D)

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