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Will ORB work with iPod touch?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by fiction7, Sep 8, 2007.

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    I really want to get the 16gb Ipod touch but the deciding factor for me is if I will be able to stream my music from my pc to the touch using wifi and orb or seeqpod. Does anyone know if this is possible, I know it works with the iphone but I have seen posts where people say media streaming will not work with the touch.
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    Don't know but if these sites use Flash then the answer is no.
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    Yea, does anyone know if this would work on the iPod touch using orb?
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    Like a charm. You can set Orb to output 3gp (Quicktime) and the iPod will read it fine.

    Demonstration here on an iPhone.
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    Thanks for the link. It's pretty impressive.

    Streaming from a web-based location makes the whole notion of massive portable storage on the iPod Touch a moot point.

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    assuming you are in an area with wifi...if not, it dont do you no good
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    Yes, but I'm sure the 16gb will be enough to allow you to survive between hotspots.

    For me, internal storage is only an issue on the go and when I'm out and about. At any friend's house or coffeehouse I'm going to have access to WiFi, and thereby my Orb server.

    I realize not everyone's usage pattern lines up with mine, but I'm pretty happy with the situation.
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    Ironically, I have everything set up but it won't let me select my stream type. I've set it to 3GP but for some reason no save button has loaded.
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    The issues with Orb and the iPod Touch should be remedied tomorrow, says the support staff.

    Yay, says me.
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    i dot get it, it tells me

    PC running Orb is not connected to the server.
    Verify that:

    * Your home computer is properly connected to the Internet.
    * Your Internet Service Provider is not experiencing temporary difficulties.
    * Orb is running on your home computer, and the Orb tray icon is green.
    * You have enabled all Orb applications to access the Internet in your firewall or anti-virus software.
    * You are using the correct Orb login and password you created on your home PC.

    Also, look at the Connection issues answers in the Orb Support Knowledge base.
    Last time home PC was connected: 3 day, 15 h,..

    how do i run Orb on my touch..
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    it works fine, they fixed 2 days ago.
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    Is your PC, in fact, on and online?
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    im retarded, Orb was of ...

    ok so i heard i need to change the setting to 3GP, but which one?

    3GP Format(.sdp)
    3GP-AAC/RTSP format (.3gp)
    3GP-AMR/RTSP (.3gp)

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