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Will SL programs be compatible with Lion?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by yurena, Jan 30, 2011.

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    Based on past OSX upgrades, should my SL programs/apps (including antivirus) be working after the upgrade? If I do a fresh OSX install, will I be able to install SL programs on Lion? I'm quite new to Mac... Thanks in advance.
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    Thanks for your prompt reply. It's not AV that I have but a security suite with instrusion prevention and firewall.
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    What is the name of that software?
    Btw, Mac OS X has a firewall built in and the router you use maybe even has a firewall too.
    Most often extra security software is not necessary.
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    If it's from a well known company then Apple would most likely have included them on private beta distribution that seems to have already.

    Given there seems to be a short developer window between Developer Conference and summer release Apple must be pretty confident they aren't breaking any major software. There will be software that does break and is hopefully fixed in that time window.

    The developers of productive software should all release a compatibility statement when Apple lifts the NDA on the beta. So in the week before the release you should expect to see something from them.

    If yours is a machine you rely on for productivity then hold off installing (or install on second partition) until you see statements one way or the other. Always wait till your off your critical path and make sure your backups are up to date and always install on to another disk first give it a day or two to see if it feels right. At least for the first machine in the office.

    If you have a friend with the same working profile get them to do it instead of you.
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    It's Norton Internet Security, I highly recommend it.

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    In my experiences with Norton's products, they do nothing more than add additional strain on the computer they are running on. (Admittedly, this was Windows, but still...)
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    Getting back to the original question: They should be, I havent had an update to Mac OS X break anything more than utility software like OnyX - anything I actually need to get work done has worked seamlessly, and this is over 10.0->10.1->10.2->10.3->10.4->10.5->10.5Intel->10.6, so I expect this to work for 10.7 as well.
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