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Will this set-up work?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by iOrlando, Nov 3, 2008.

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    3 parts:
    Apple TV
    DVD/Surroud Sound system

    Connect the Apple TV straight to TV with video component cables (the ones with 3 different colors)

    Audio wire (two different colors) from Apple TV to DVD/surround sound.

    So when I go to play something from apple tv...i go to the same path i would normally go for my dvd player..but i turn on both the apple tv and dvd player..and apple tv video will show and surround sound will come from the dvd/surround sound speakers?

    does this make sense...will it work? (want to avoid buying new sound system)
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    the video part will be OK.

    For the audio... what do you mean by a DVD/surround system? A DVD player AND a receiver? or just a DVD with discrete outputs?
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    i have a dvd player that has the 6 speakers connect right to it in the back...so i had to splice each wire...etc..and stick each wire in its colored slot in the back of the dvd player.

    Im not sure where else i would connect the speakes..since they only have wires...no uniform plugs or anything.
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    Wait... you plugged your speakers into your DVD player? You should have them plugged into some kind of receiver/amp. I don't know of any DVD players that have 6! speaker inputs (usually only have regular RCA red/white if any at all). And why 6 speakers? Thats an odd number to have... or do you have a center speaker too? Usually large speaker setups are 5.1 or 7.1 (the .1 is a subwoofer).

    For you to properly use 5+ speakers you have to have an optical sound output from your source (i.e. DVD player) and then input this sound into the receiver that decodes the audio and sends to each speaker. You're going to have to tell us exactly what DVD player you have cause at the moment you're jerry-rigging this setup. Sure it can work, but it isn't the optimal setup. What exactly do you have?
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    It says that the DVD player/receiver has an optical audio input. In that case, buy a Toslink cable and run it from the ATV to the DVD player and you should get 5.1 surround.
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    ok..so techincally speaking...no audio cable will be going to the actual tv right? that toslink cable will go from apple tv to dvd/stereo.

    just the video cable from the apple tv will go to the main tv.
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    You can connect a left and right RCA audio cable (the red and white cable) from the ATV to your television. This will give you stereo sound through your TV speakers. Then connect a Toslink/optical audio cable from the ATV to your DVD player. That will give you 5.1 surround through your speakers.
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    Correct. No audio cables to the TV. Cause you are using external speakers for the audio portion, not the TV's speakers.

    The video will go from ATV to TV.
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    Mr Kram

    with that set-up, don't waste your money on a toslink cable - my $.02.
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    then how do i get the dvd speakers to work mr. kram, without that cable?
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    His point is with a low end sound system like that digital audio might not be worth it, but you can do what ever you want. If you choose no toslink you could do the same thing (atv to dvd/receiver) with rca cables (red and white).

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    Mr Kram

    correct, i would just use the rca. the difference it will make will be inaudible in my opinion.
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    get the toslink cable. if you only use rca, your surround speakers will only double the stereo, but with toslink, assuming the files on the appletv have 5.1, you will get the right sounds from the right speakers.

    these cables can be had for cheap, and will make your set up sound more "correct," so i'm not sure why anyone said it wouldn't be worth the money...
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    My thoughts exactly. It's not like it's wasted money. If you ever upgrade your system, you'll still need the Toslink cable.
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    thanks for the replies.

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