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Win format works on Mac, but Mac format doesn't work on Win. Should I format as Win?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by motulist, Dec 13, 2007.

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    A Mac formatted iPod can't work on a Window PC, but a Windows formatted iPod can work just fine on a Mac (iirc). So when I get my iPod in a few days, I figure I should format it on a Windows PC, because why not? I never ever plan on booting from my iPod, but can I still use a Win formatted iPod as a storage disk on my mac?

    Is there any down side to formatting it through Windows?
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    It should be fine as far as I know, but I'm not sure if you try to use it as a disk on the Mac, and its formated for Windows, if it will automatically prompt you to format it for the Mac, and then not mount it as a disk after you choose not to Mac-format it. I'd try it out when you get it, there is no harm in formating it a few times to get the results you want. Don't copy any music over the first time on the windows machine, just set it up, enable disk mode, and then bring it over to the Mac and see what happens.
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    I have mine formatted for windows so i can transport files to and from work and home. it works fine on the mac in windows format but I just have to do my updates at work which is no biggie. I have had no problems with it being windows formatted.
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    I have my 160GB Classic Windows formatted. This way, I can transfer songs back and forth with a program. When there are new updates, I just connect it to the Windows computer and update. I only use my MBP to sync with the iPod and it all works perfectly.
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    Tom B.

    Read/transfer times may be very slightly faster on a Mac formatted iPod (but probably unnoticeably so), and the iPod's name on your desktop has to be in all capitals and cannot have any non-letters in.
  6. jnc
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    My iPod Nano's name has my name and email in case it is ever discovered by an honest person :p
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    Personally, my iPod isn't even allowed to sit on the same desk as a Windows box. :D

    That aside, I think you can sync your Windows-formatted iPod on a Mac just fine... until a SW update comes. Then you have to apply that update via Windows' iTunes, or format to Mac.
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    Is your account with the Itunes store affected by how you are formatted? For example if I had my Ipod formatted for windows could I buy stuff from Itunes from my mac?

    Is the only disadvantage that you cant update from your mac?
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    Yes you can still buy and download from iTunes, no matter the format. Your account is not affected at all.

    I have a 5G iPod and an iPod Touch. I had them both formatted for Windows. I bought a Macbook Pro, and decided to reformat them to Mac, but only so I could update them and not have to go back to my Windows PC to do it.

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