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windows mobile and mac

Discussion in 'Mac Peripherals' started by edvardta, May 16, 2005.

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    Basic Question..

    How is syncing a mac with windows mobile? Does it work? Thinking of switching to mac, but also thinking og getting a new cell phone with the windows mobile installed..
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    Well, PalmOne is the only one I can think of with Mac supported. All the others require Windoze. But having had proper Palm training last week, I can't see any reasons why you would want to buy a windows based device, unless you want something with 802.11 built in. Even then you could look at the Tungsten C if you want a handheld or the Treo 650 if you want a mobile built in as both have wi-fi built in.
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    Pocket Mac

    Check out PocketMac, it might be what your looking for. I personaly use it with my PocketPC but I have runinto a few glitches with it. I has gotten better with every update. I should update again and give it a run.

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