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Windows parody

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by thecow, Mar 9, 2004.

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    This site never fails in making me laugh!!! I love that flash, it is a good piece of work;)
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    Not bad.
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    So it is a really good edition, really really good at errors. It was interactive and kind. A lot more so than the actual Windows! :p
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    Haha, it definitely shows effort. The win98 sounds really bring back good memories (or should i say bad). While I haven't personally experienced .dll problems, i know who did have run32.(something) problems on Me. WinME is more like this than anything else (but they have windows 2000 startup sound, which is odd).

    And the food ordering thing makes no sense! :)
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    hahahahaha, i remember that one from a while ago but it never gets old. almost as good as killbillgates.com
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    [​IMG] This is a repost! [​IMG]

    Yes indeed this is from a while ago... brought back several times.

    at the end of this thread 'This whole thread

    There are atleast 3 more. but I can't find them w/ search...

    [​IMG] Have fun... [​IMG]
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    I almost died laughing TWICE when viewing that thing. The Word is the best of all the stuff though.
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    hehe iv seen this a couple times but it doenst get old, i like to send it to other ppl who havent seen it
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    Savage Henry

    So, it's old...

    I still like it cos it gives me that warm smug feeling inside.
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    I get that same feeling by typing 'uptime' in a terminal window. :p

    I mentioned to a WinXP using friend of mine, and fellow computer geek, that my current uptime was about 11 days, and he asked me if why I was sadistically torturing my OS! Oh, and this after he said that he was proud that while he had 5 or 6 apps open, and a virus update/patch thing 'snuck up' on him, his computer lagged horribly, but did not crash or BSoD! BTW, he has a $1500 2.7Ghz something or other laptop.

    Odd that if I don't have like 10 apps running at once, I feel like I'm underperforming! :D

    Loving my Mac!
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    Savage Henry

    I never thought about the uptime in that way. I think I may try and max it out to see how far it goes without needing to it to turnoff.

    Man, it's good to be the King.
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    Chip NoVaMac

    It just amde me realize why i moved to the Mac and OSX......
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    For true computer geeks, saying 'mine bigger' is an obvious reference to uptime. I think that there is even a screen saver that shows off your uptime, clicking by each second of stability! ahhh, geek heaven

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    Ok that's just scary. My friend has been running his WinXP (HOME at that too) for about 1.5months. This guy usually has 4 IE windows open, Pshop of course, and CS/WC3 running in the background in addition to AV, mp3 player, and some Office Apps as well.

    I told him he just consider closing/restarting the explorer.exe and spool processes to regain back memory about 3 weeks in (worked by the way). Still, nothing like seeing your page file hit the max hahahah.

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