Wireless Network Without Router?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by neilrobinson, Nov 13, 2004.

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    is this possible? networking 2 computers wirelessly without a wireless router/hub/thingmygigy in the middle.

    the idea behind this is i am looking at a G4/G5/PowerBook/iBook and wanting to wireless network it with my linux box (server, web, mail, music ect) i am wondering if this is possible? :confused:
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    yeah, it actually is possible.... im a way... you just need an Airport Extreme card in the G5/G4/Powerbook, and then go up to System Preferences -> Sharing -> Internet -> then choose to share your internet FROM the ethernet, through Airport, and the linux boxes should (in theory), be able to see the network
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    ok, sorry for the confusion but its the other way round :eek: the linux box is the server so the Mac would be the client access whatever is needed mail, web ect.
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    oh I dont know then.... I dont know linux, but if you can get wireless cards into those boxes and find a way for it to broadcast the internet signal through the wireless card.... then it should work
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    Will Curran

    Yes it's possible it's called ad-hoc. Fun stuff.

    Don't have any idea how to network it on a mac or linux though.
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    it's still running the router software, though, yes? so, "yes, you can do the wireless thing w/o having to buy an extra box," but, "no, you cannot do it w/o something acting as the router."
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    Too true. You need something to dole out IP addresses.

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