Wireless Networking in UK?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Riko19, Mar 31, 2003.

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    just wondering i have a powerbook G4 on order right?

    and thougth i wanna use it as much as i can but i heard about this thing where u can jump to starbucks and surf there, but is that only starbucks in USA? just wondering her about all these ppl pretending to do work and play online at starbucks sounds fun and i wanna b there?

    anyone got any comments on wireless networking around in the uk and ones opening in UK post em up!

    With thanks!

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    We've got Starbucks here you cheaky thing! But only 1 (some where in darkest Birmingham iirc) has wireless access. I have not found many places offering wireless access (unless you count my flat)
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    there are a few cafes that do have free wifi access, i think borders on oxford street do, as do a few of the bigger starbucks. A lot of libraries are adopting the wifi approach - you have to 'rent' an IP address off them. I'm a student and Reading Uni library went wireless recently, very handy! the great thing is you can pick it up from outside the library too so i'll be able to sit on the grass in the summer!
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    This link should give you all the info you need to wonder round Britain and browse while getting a coffee/haircut/pack of cigs/... Delete where applicable - or just walk out of range!
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    exactly my point i know we have them here but i still think there should be or possibly may be more places with wireless networking? so theres on in birmingham is there is that the only one with wireless networking then? or do more strabucks in the uk ike manchester or is there a starbucks in trafford centre? i think there is isnt there?

    Just want to take advantage of this when i get my 17"er.

    do you need to set anything up to get access with wireless networking or does it automatically detect this?
    like does it pop up and say come surf with us at starbucks or summing! :p
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    wow sorry bout that post didnt realise how many responded.
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    ok so i looked at your link mate of the maps nicely done i think but not many in the north west (if any) hmmmnn i hope someone may know if they are planning to open some in the north west, seen as cheshire has the most millionaires i thought they might possibly bring em over here :) obviosly not yet :confused:

    so how does it pick up wireless networking how does it work on the Powerbook 17" er like does it tell you when it picks it up like does it do a scan or do you contantly just have to keep on trying and trying till you find an area?

    and how fast is the connection.
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    generall, if it detects a wireless network your airport icon will change from grayed out lines to black ones (depending on the signal strength). That's if the network you're on is using DHCP, and your network prefs are set up right. It will scroll the network name next to the aiport icon when you join it.

    It's probably not a good idea to have airport turned on all the time as it probably uses up some of your resources scanning for networks constantly! I don't know too much about this. All I know is from when i've used wifi on my iBook.
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    All I can say is, "ITS WICKED!!" I got my Power Book 1GHZ for working abroad, I am from London. I was hoping that Japan had loads of WiFi points I was so disappointed when I when WiFi wasnt so popular. Acually Home computers arent really as popular as they are in Europe and US. Anyway how will be home soon in at the end of the month, so I can go hunting for these WiFi points.

    Anyway about Scanning and stuff, yeah when you sit down with your coffee, and open the PB/iBook, it just gives you a list of local newtworks and you just hop on. I think I had the Max speed of 100mbps, is that possible? sounds pretty high. I download a network speed monitoring software, not sure whats it called. As you can tell typing this up in an Internet cafe in Tokyo on a DELL.:rolleyes: sorry Guys. The PB sitting in the bag keep warm..:D oh I think also having the AIrport on most of the time zaps some of the battery life...

    Sorry to babble, wanted to share my qirport life with everyone:D
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    the highest speeds you can get thru aiport is 11mbit/s (if you're sitting next to the hub!), airport extreme is capable of 54mbits
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    Thought so... Got a software that lied to me.. :eek: Thought it was too fast. I was getting readings like 300 mbps on my Ethernet..
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    if you've got a 1gigabit ethernet on your mac (which you will if its a powerbook) then you could quite possibly get speeds like that, BUT very few people adopt gb ethernet as its so damn expensive!
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    yey for me then hehe:D got to admit yes it has that gigabit ethernet card in it but i think i may have trouble finding areas in north west with it but if its like someone said it has a list to see if you can jump on em which is good!

    dunno how that works though like surley you have t pay for them or summing?

    i have freeserve anytime thru a modem on my PC because of the area is not broadbanded yet coz its moo cow countryside ish. so do i use my existing ISP with this gadget?
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    ok so ive reserached into it more now and found out it will cost a bomb for the yearly subscription to get wifi access.

    but it will be in 7 starbucks across the uk in august its free at the mo in birminghams starbucks, so gamer galore down ther at the moment! went to pop and see! without my notebook coz it aint come yet.

    hopefully next week!

    its like 4 quid for 2hours surfing. in most places like train stations airports etc.
    and areas that have wifi. Its rare at the mo but im guessing it will be pricey when it all kicks off.

    damn profits!:mad:

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