Wish Messages was part of iCloud instead of being a standalone app

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by El3ctronics, Feb 16, 2012.

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    Unfortunately, in my field of work I'm forced to use a PC in the office. By making Messages a standalone app, I won't be able to iMessage with my friends and colleagues on my computer and will still have to use my iPhone. It would have been awesome if Apple included iMessage as part of their iCloud web interface (even if they also created the standalone app for Macs). This would have allowed people using any computer in the world (even as a guest) to interact with their iMessage contacts. I thought this was the route Apple was going to take so I'm a little disappointed with the news this morning.
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    I feel you. I want Messages to pull any existing convos from my iPhone and put them on my Mac. I think by making it a direct part of iCloud this would be achieved.
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    It's the first version of the Beta. You never know what they might add.
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    I agree.

    One of the biggest problems with text messages is that they've never been easily accessible, nor have they ever been easy to back up or export, nor have they ever really been "platform-independent" - unlike email.

    iMessages should be accessible anywhere, including the web. And I should be able to go back and access my entire history - just like with email. I know it's a beta, but when I opened the Messages app and sent a few messages, it started a whole new conversation. It's not quite seamless yet but it's getting there.
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    Exaclty. But it seems Apple is using it as another means of selling more devices (which I guess makes sense from a business perspective). Would have been better for users if it was a cloud/web based service though.
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    Well they could have both. I mean they have all the other apps in the cloud (mail, calendar, etc).
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    I LOVE messages! Works perfectly on my MacBook Pro!!
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    I wish they could make messages just 1 window instead of having a buddy list and a message window.

    I mean they pretty much have it for the iPad.. but I'd just like to incorporate the buddy list into the message window.

    Simplified environment.

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