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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by mjknight, Oct 25, 2010.

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    Hi there
    Can anyone tell me please of a good word processing app to buy? I have just bought a 32gb iPad and thought a word processing app was included.
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    A lot of people pick the $9.99 Pages. There are a few others I noticed, too.
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    Pages $9.99
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    I bought Pages but being a PC person, not very fond of it. Using Docs-to-Go for my WP work.
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    Agreed. It's just a pain when moving back and forth between word and pages as the doc will lose some formatting... like fonts. I had to choose helvetica.

    Other than that, you get used to the interface and its good for building content on the lounge but your final version will be on Word for good formatting.
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    If page is not good... then I doubt that other apps can do any better
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    It's not a question of simply which is better. I personally think Pages is beautiful and even prefer the desktop version to Microsoft Office. Unfortunately it is a reality that most of the world uses Office, and that in the end you're going to need a .doc copy of your file. Pages can export to .doc, but it is a gamble if formatting is an issue - and in most professional cases it is. I'm not going to work with financial statements in Pages as the formatting has to be precise, and any document I use is going to start as .doc and need to be finished as a .doc file. So, converting to Pages is a pain in the ass. Pages is a fine app if you're a student and making a nice looking document is all that matters.

    Taking it a step further, Numbers is absolutely worthless for this very reason. No way to easily transfer in .xls files.

    At least with Docs-to-Go, you get support for all these different file types - even if the Apple apps are nicer.
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    My solution -- I bought Pages for my Mac! Now I don't have those problems, unless I want to share the document. Also has PDF output.

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