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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by CubaTBird, Sep 24, 2006.

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    ...how funny this is. can someone explain to me how shipping is just a little less than twice as much as this midi cable i need for my yamaha keyboard? :eek:

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    omg. is there anywhere else you can get that cable?

    i'd rather try and build one myself than pay that for shipping :eek:
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    241 bucks for overnight?

    I've shipped as much as 20 pounds worth of crap overnight for far less.

    Eff them.
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    Yikes!!! That is a bit much, you should call them and find out why it's so much. Is it overseas shipping rates? Maybe you can find it cheaper elsewhere?

    I ordered a pack of 99 cent stickers once of a website. The shipping was going to be $6 so I just canceled the order. I don't get how these rates work sometimes.
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    wow. i'm wondering if they've misconfigured their shipping module.

    check out sweetwater.com and see if they've got that cable. their shipping is free.

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