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worth it?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion (archive)' started by mikeyredk, Dec 9, 2003.

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    i have a possible deal to trade my powermac g4 867 for a powerbook 12" rev a
    good bad?

    specs on my machine
    quicksilver 867
    1.5 gigs ram
    ati 9000

    max ram
    do all models include bluetooth?
    867 g4

    both machines in good condition

    oh and who has the better deal
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    unless you are going to play a lot of games or render big movies, i'd say you got the better deal. the only big difference in the performance is the l3 cache and RAM.

    add in the portability/screen and i think PB is a much better deal.

    HD/expandability is another issue. if you don't mind sacrificing those, 12" is a pretty sweet machine.
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    my quicksilver doesn't have L3 cache on it

    and i have a screen which isn't going in the trade

    and i can always daisy chain some firewire hard drives i was planning on using a firewire drive for my pioneer a06

    and did all of them have bluetooth?
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    Yes, all ALPB's have BlueTooth standard.
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    oh, i thought all powermac had l3 cache...

    ok, then it's a no brainer...

    by the way, why does he want to trade??
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    he said
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    I reckon you've read about the heatissue of the rev. A? Could it be related to that? I would check it out before I do the exchange if I was you.

    Apart from that there's no doubt that you're getting the sweeter deal here!

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    well right now this person is unresponsive
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    just be careful and don't get scammed...

    you are basically getting the same powered computer, except that you are gaining the portability and while retaining the existing monitor and keyboard/mouse?

    sounds pretty darn good to me...

    RAM difference is about $200, i imagine. well worth the gain in portability...
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    just thought of something about the heat is it worse then a ti-book 800? because i had one and it overheated like crazy during the summers i had to put a fan on it just so it would stay cool
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    ~115 fahrenheit when stressed is considered normal. There are plenty of discussions on this here. You can do a search on it.
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    The heat on my 12 isn't bad at most of the time...........but everyone in a while.......i get the urge to make some eggs on the bottom of it. It never affects the computer, no kernal panics, no probs at all, just really fricken hot to the touch.
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    i think you'd be unhappy with a firewire HD, you'll get really pissed when you're on the road and that file you really need is on the other drive. unless you get a portable drive, which are annoying. for the sake of portability, decide if you can live with the internal HD size, or afford to upgrade it...

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    but isn't there firewire cases or drives that are bus powered?
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    I use a bus powered Sunsway 2.5'' external harddrive with FW and USB2 connectors. Both are bus powered. That means that I've got 160GB disk on my PB.

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    I'd do it! Sounds like a very sweet deal! Just make sure you don't get scammed.
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    i would go for it, but that is just because i am a big laptop man myself, although I do want a maxed out Powermac sometime... laptops are just so much more convienient. esp since I move around so much in my new Mini Cooper... mini PB, Mini Cooper, so fitting.
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    not happening
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    What happened? Was it the eggfrier, or did he just back out?

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    plus asked several others they didn't even respond to my pm's

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