Worth the trouble?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by camardelle, Feb 7, 2012.

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    1st gen Touch. Some of the apps I like are no longer running on the iOS. Should I attempt to update the iOS to the current version or just let it die a slow death. Will a first gen Touch even run the current iOS?

    Lots of questions.
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    Hi there :) The first gen iPod Touch won't run iOS5, nor will the highest version of iOS it can run go very smoothly on the outdated hardware :( Sorry, but the first gen is really only good for basic apps and basic tasks.
  3. camardelle, Feb 8, 2012
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    That's what I was afraid of. I've been using it for several years to check the weather in the morning and not really much more. A first gen iPhone would probably be in the same boat, right?

    Thanks for the info.
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    Yeah, except the first gen iPhone would also be useful for calling & texting. Good luck :)
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    Another good point. I'll hang on to the phone, maybe replace the touch. Thanks!
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    When you get a new one don't chuck out the first gen iPhone and iPod Touch, as they are valuable collector's items :)
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    1st Gen iPhones also have a pretty good camera... Not High Res, but good color saturation. Good enough resolution for email and web posting...

    I don't have an active sim card but on WiFi, I can make calls with Text Free and Skype.
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    They aren't that valuable. Maybe a hundred dollars or so (probably less), but they're at least worth selling.
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    Anyone willing to give me a c-note for my touch let me know. LOL!!!
  10. jamewhite86, Feb 10, 2012
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    Worth the trouble?

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