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Would You Join An iPod Collecting Forum If One Existed?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by BugBytes, Sep 1, 2012.

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    I have seen some awesome pictures of people's iPod collections. I want to get an idea of the kind of following someone would get if they created a forum dedicated to iCollecting, specifically iPods. Let me know why or why not in replys below!
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    Of course I would, but the thread in this forum is maintained by a very few, so I doubt the subject would entertain a whole forum... :(
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    why need another forum when you have macrumors. :D
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    Because MacRumors is okay but dedicated to so many topics. This forum would be a niche forum, pretty much completely dedicated to iPod collecting.
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    Yup, an easier way to display our collections would be nice too
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    yeah. I have a few old models that I would like to discuss with people
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    Thanks for the replies guys! I love to hear that people are interested! If I get enough of a following I might make one myself.
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    What is wrong with this thread???

    Calling All iPod Collectors :confused:
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    Wish they would put it under one thread
  11. BugBytes, Sep 2, 2012
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    Please forgive my defensive reply that I am editing now. The reason this thread was created was to see how many people would be part of an online iPod collecting forum. Now I realize some of you wonder why the thread in this forum is not sufficient. As a different user other than me has stated that it would be better if it was a little more organized than one thread. Another consideration is that an iPod-dedicated community would be more responsive to discussions of specific version topics and specific iPod chatter, since that's the whole theme of the forum. Please forgive me for getting defensive after being annoyed by some of the replies and thanks for your input. Anyone else want to put their two cents in?

    And yes, I have seen the thread on iPod collecting already, I didn't create this thread because I didn't search.
  12. Fralle, Sep 2, 2012
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    When reading the thread I can not see why you would get annoyed??
    I for one can definitely see the advantages with a iPod collecting forum, but my point is this:
    I'm the only one entertaining the only thread in this forum regarding iPod collecting! I'm trying to get people to share collections and to discuss the iPod, but it feels like I'm talking to my self! What would a whole forum be like then? A lot of people likes to read the thread, but hardly no one likes to contribute :(

    I have never said that?? What made you think I did? I was just pointing out to kannesss the thread were he could discuss his old iPods with us ;)
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    i would contribute and post if there was another ipod forum, good idea i think:)
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    Oh, wow. @Fralle, I'm sorry. I thought Kanness's reply "me no good with search function" was directed at me when he was actually talking about himself. Sorry about that, my bad. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
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    i think so, yeah. the current thread isn't used all that much though, haha.
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    No problem mate ;)

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