Would you run another OS on a Mac Intel?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by harveypooka, Nov 9, 2005.


Would you?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Undecided

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    Would you run another OS on your future Macintel? Would you dual boot, games machine, Linux - whatever. What would be your setup?
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    no , i would not

    Mac OS all the way , no linux no Windows just my old faithfull Mac OS

    i'll get a xbox 360 or PS3 (when it comes out) if i wanna play games
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    I got a Mac for OS X. (ok, no I didn't)

    I like OS X, and will run it.

    maybe I'll run ome linux once in a while so I can pretend to be a leet hacker.

    //I am not leet
    ///I am quite un-leet
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    Hell yeah. I can get rid of these PCs then.
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    Why the f not?

    One less thing to have in my crowded room.

    I only use PCs at work, and if I could dual boot my next PB then I could use it everywhere and never feel lonely...

    PB keeps me warm... at least my lap.

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    wow. what a novel idea, having half your computer virus free, and the other half full of crap...
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    No, just wouldn't feel right having an other OS, especially Windows, on the same computer as OS X.
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    Lord Blackadder

    I've been almost exclusively a Mac user since 1993, but I am planning to get a Rev. A Intel Powerbook and run Windows as well as OS X.

    The reason being that I am going to be starting a grad program that requires the use of GIS software that is (of course) Windows only.

    The upshot of this is that I can have my cake and eat it too, thanks to Apple. I really hope Windows runs stably on the Powerbooks. Otherwise I'll have to journey to the Dark Side!
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    James Philp

    For games, Yes.
    Half life 2.
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    Complete waste of resources. Would be like the days of NT and 9x... dual booting for 'games' or 'work'. Messy solution, and buying new Mac hardware to then Install windows on it because i want to play game X would be pointless. If i wanted to play game X that badley i would just buy a Windows PC and save myself the premium.

    I would rather stick with OS X and get native versions of software i want to run under it, not switch back and forth between heaven (OSX) and hell (Windows) to use a certain app. If there is something i couldnt possibly live without on Windows then i wouldnt have a Mac now.

    Did i mention im not going to install another OS on my Mac? ;)

    It irritates me that the most praised 'feature' of a Mac with an Intel CPU is that people can 'Dual Boot' with Windows. Great for switchers my ass! It's not much of a 'switch' is it if your still using Windows :rolleyes:. There comes a time when you just have to 'let go' ;)
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    It depends. Im no programer or anything like that so If someone has a nice 123 step guide I may but I don't want to accidently delete Mac OS X:eek: !

    But if I did go on windows I would probobly make sure Im not connected to the internet. Just use it for things that I need softwear for.
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    If I could run it on an external harddrive... then I would.
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    I hear ya! Windows will be on another HD on my Macintel....games only. Two environments - Mac for creative/learning etc and Windows for games. And maybe a PS3 when it comes out too....and maybe MacOSX on the PS3! It's rumoured!
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    No. I have no interest in Windows and all of the UNIX tools I need are already on OS X.
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    Lord Blackadder

    I don't think that dual-boot capability is the "most praised" feature at all - I think the potential performance improvements are. I will probably dual boot because I have to, and the new Macs will hopefully facilitate this so I won't have to buy two computers.
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    No, but I would run Virtual PC. Especially if current 3d games could run at full speed.
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    Windows could be handy for testing Web designs. Other than that, no.
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    Why would I? I don't use Windows now, I'm using my old Windows box as a server, and I'm not going to start using it later.
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    id probably get a second removable HD for running a windows/gamming machine. i wouldnt want windows to touch my normal HD!!! heh
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    Yes. I could do away with my cheap PC. or maybe not even a dual boot, if I could run my game making app under an emulated Windows environment but still be able to use the wonderful keyboard shortcuts, expose hotspots, and the much better touchpad tracking under OSX then i'd be very happy. therefore no dual boot!

    i cant believe this. ONE SINGLE app is holding me back from being a full time OSX user. it hurts a little.
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    I'd probably stay OS X only.
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    nope,Mac OSX does all my computer needs:)
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    Why reboot? If I need to run Windows apps, I'll use Virtual PC.

    Rebooting is disruptive - why bother?
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    Will Cheyney

    I would probably have XP installed as a 'secondary' OS... but I would only use it for testing, possibly some games and 3D Movie Maker :)

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