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    My stupid iPod!!!
    I like to search via Artists >
    yet some songs dont show up if i dont have their album listed (in itunes)
    Like I have Acceptance's whole album + 1 song whose album i dont know (so i leave it blank in itunes). So if i look through artists> then Acceptance, I only see the whole album but dont see that 1 song. WTFREAK!!!!!
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    Music —» Artists —» All

    That's where you can see it.
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    sometimes i dont get that option if there is only one album and one single (w/o an album name). it goes straight into the album
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    I've had the same problem, and, if I remember, it's pretty widespread. I resulted to putting a dash in for all my songs without albums. It seems like the issue was never resolved, but I haven't been concerned about it since adding the dashes in. Simple solution...even though you shouldn't have to do it.
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    if you don't have the album listed, just put a symbol like "..." or whatever so the songs show up in their own separate "random" album that you can go into ;)

    EDIT: Ah you beat me to it tobefirst ... i guess it makes sense due to your name though :p
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    A similar problem in iTunes

    In iTunes, I ripped a CD that was all one artist yet had the compilation box ticked. It did not show up under the artist and, since it was the only album by the artist, the artist didn't even show up under the browse list. Took me a little while to figure out.
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    You can run a piece of software called "iEatBrainz" (weird name I know) but any way it will analyze all the songs that you tell it to, create a specific key for each song, and compare the tag with the Music Brainz database for all the metadata. It worked wonders on my library. I would suggest it to any one with an even slightly messed up library (ie, artists, albums, names etc... not correct).

    While its not a fix for the specific iTunes problem, it will fix the real problem, which is your music is not tagged correctly.

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